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Outdoor Macro Base Station BTS3900A

This outdoor macro base station supports both GSM-R and LTE — the ideal solution for railways that want to prepare for evolution to an LTE broadband network. One of the most compact outdoor macro base stations in the industry, the BTS3900A features a large, scalable capacity and multi-mode applications that meet the requirements of long-distance railways.

The base station cabinet contains as many as six RF modules. These multicarrier modules support both Huawei’s GSM-R 5.0 and the company’s enterprise LTE (eLTE). Use of this multi-radio base station (and similar indoor base stations) maximizes versatility while minimizing site deployment costs.



Parameters Specifications
Working Frequency Bands
  • 880 MHz to 915 MHz and 925 MHz to 960 MHz
  • 873 MHz to 880 MHz and 918 MHz to 925 MHz
Capacity A single cabinet supports a maximum of: Two BBU3900 baseband units, six RFUs, and 12 GSM-R carriers
Transmit Power
  • 918 MHz to 925 MHz: 2 x 60W
  • 925 MHz to 960 MHz: 2 x 80W
Receiver Sensitivity
  • 918 MHz to 925 MHz: Single antenna: -112.5 dBm, Double antennas: -115.5 dBm
  • 925 MHz to 960 MHz: Single antenna: -113.4 dBm, Double antennas: -116.4 dBm
Dimensions (H x W x D) 700 mm x 600 mm x 480 mm
Weight AC cabinet with boards or modules: ≤ 194 kg
Rated Power Supply -48V DC; voltage range: -38.4V DC to -57V DC
Power Supply Voltage Range Three-phase 220/346V to 240/415V AC; voltage range: 176/304V to 290/500V AC

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