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    FusionCube 1000
    HyperVisor and Data

    An HCI storage cluster fit for different data systems.


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FusionCube 1000

FusionCube 1000 Hypervisor & Data

FusionCube 1000 (Hypervisor) & FusionCube 1000 (Data) are data storage infrastructure based on converged architecture. They pre-integrate a distributed storage engine, virtualization software, and cloud management software to support on-demand resource allocation and linear expansion.

Mainly used in hybrid workload scenarios — such as databases, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), containers, and virtualization — this is a simplified, efficient, and reliable Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) choice for enterprises.

Converged Management

Simplified Management

With everything integrated before delivery, deployment can be completed within 30 minutes. Unified management of hardware, software, and resources, alongside one-key Operations and Maintenance (O&M), increases overall efficiency by 100%.

Intelligence on Demand

High-Speed Performance

The performance of a single node exceeds 100,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), with 1 TB of data reconstruction taking only 15 minutes — a figure that leads the industry.

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Extreme Efficiency

Deduplication and compression functions are supported, with a compression ratio of 3:1. With 22 effective storage disks plus two Error Correction (EC) parity disks used, effective storage capacity stands at approximately 90%.

Continuous Security

Solid Reliability

This active-active solution enjoys zero service interruptions. Asynchronous replication slashes the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) duration to less than five minutes. To ensure compatibility, mainstream industry backup software is supported.


FusionCube 1000 (Hypervisor) & FusionCube 1000 (Data)
Network 10 GE/100 GE
Storage Architecture Distributed storage
Storage Reliability Copy and EC
Storage Efficiency Deduplication and compression
Data Reliability Active-active and backup
Storage Medium HDDs and NVMe SSDs
Managed Software FusionCube Center
Virtualization Platform Kunpeng: FusionSphere 8.0 or later
Others: FusionSphere 6.5.1 or later, VMware 6.7U3 & VMware 7.0
Server Rack servers
Power Consumption Up to 12,000 W per cabinet (up to 1200 W per node)

Key Software Features

FusionCube Center • VM management: VM creation, template management, and migration
• Storage management: disk and storage pool management
• Monitoring alarms: status, alarm, and performance monitoring
• Performance monitoring: IOPS, I/O bandwidth, I/O latency, CPU utilization, memory utilization, and NIC rate
• Log auditing: security, operation, and system log auditing
• System O&M: one-click upgrade, capacity expansion, and log collection
•Health check: system sub-health check, scheduled inspection
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    FusionCube Center DEMO

    Unified management, monitoring, and maintenance capabilities for Huawei FusionCube data and storage infrastructure.

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