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    HUAWEI CloudLink Bar 310 Integrated Ultra-HD Video Conferencing Endpoint


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HUAWEI CloudLink Bar 310 Integrated Ultra-HD Video Conferencing Endpoint

CloudLink Bar 310 is Huawei's next-generation integrated ultra-HD video conferencing endpoint running HarmonyOS with a built-in camera, microphone array, and HD codec, as well as a "smart eye" and full-HD PTZ camera (a dual-lens design) that features up to 12x optical zoom, to ensure that the speaker is always centered within the frame. The Bar 310 comes with a 1080p HD display, and is ideal for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Continuous Security

High Security and Reliability

• Powerful performance, backed by HarmonyOS, proprietary core technologies, and a high-computing hardware platform.
• End-to-end encryption and media, as well as signaling encryption measures, such as H.235 and SRTP/TLS, to keep meetings safe and secure.

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Integrated Design

• Integrated and minimalist design, with a built-in camera, microphone, and high-definition codec, for effortless cabling and easy installation.
• Ultra-high precision PTZ that rotates swiftly, precisely, and steadily, with a maximum deviation of just 0.1° in both horizontal and vertical directions.
• Six omnidirectional digital microphones, with a wide frequency range of 100 Hz to 20 kHz and an accurate 8-meter pickup, delivering exceptionally crisp and natural voices.

Intelligent Conferencing

HD Video and Auto-Framing

• Auto-Framing: "Smart eye" keeps attendees centered within the frame, thanks to panoramic face detection and optical zoom of the main lens.
• 1080p60@H.265 HD codec, video 30% PLC.
• Huawei's proprietary VME technology removes noise from motion images, for enhanced video quality.


Parameters Bar 310
Full-HD main lens 12X optical zoom
Multimedia framework protocols ITU-T H.323、IETF SIP
Video codec protocols H.265、H.264 HP、H.264 BP、H.263、H.263+
Video Features Video Resolution:
1080p 60fps,1080p 30fps,720p 60fps,720p 30fps
Dual-stream Resolution:
1080P30 + 1080P30(4K8)
1080P60 + 1080P60(4K15)
Audio Input Built-in microphone array、1×3.5mm、1×HD-AI、1×HDMI(audio)、1×Type-C(audio)
Audio Output 1×3.5mm、1×HDMI(audio)
Video Input 1×built-in camera、1×HDMI、1×Type-C
Video Output 2×HDMI
Other Ports 1×USB 3.0 Type-A、1×RJ45(10/100/1000M LAN)、1×RJ45(for Touch)、1×Wi-Fi(built-in)