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Huawei Unveils All-New CloudEngine HAM Data Center Switches


[Barcelona, Spain, March 4, 2022] During the Mobile World Congress (MWC2022), Huawei unveiled two all-new CloudEngine high availability multicast (HAM) data center switches — CloudEngine 8850-HAM and CloudEngine 6860-HAM, which are ideal for the securities, insurance, and high-end manufacturing sectors, helping enterprises build large-scale production and transaction systems.

The leading features and benefits of Huawei CloudEngine High-Availability Multicast (HAM) data center switches

CloudEngine HAM data center switches

Amid widespread digital transformation of global enterprises, data centers assume the core responsibility for success, and network availability becomes a top priority in securities trading and high-end manufacturing. To ensure high availability and stability of networks, Huawei launches CloudEngine HAM series data center switches, which have three distinguishing features:

  • Industry-leading 32K multicast entries: In core financial trading system or on the automatic production line, collaboration instructions are often multicast in real time. To best fit these scenarios, CloudEngine HAM series data center switches offer industry-leading 32K multicast entries, which allow for up to 500,000 securities transactions per second and can accommodate up to 10,000 devices on a high-precision production line.
  • 99.9999% multicast reliability: If a single point of failure occurs on a network, the core financial trading system and production line breaks down within 2 seconds, resulting in a direct economic loss of more than US$1 million. To overcome this, CloudEngine HAM series data center switches offer six-nines reliability. Even if a single point of failure occurs, the switchover time is less than 1 second, ensuring zero impact on services and zero interruptions to production.
  • Three-generation bandwidth evolution: CloudEngine HAM series data center switches stand out with adaptive port rates, from 10GE/25GE/50GE to 100GE/200GE/400GE, enabling flexible access for a wide range of servers and meeting the capacity expansion requirements for the next 10 years.

Mr. Wang Wuwei, Product Director of Huawei Data Center Switches, said: "Data center switches serve as the central hub for linking storage and computing servers, and their stability directly affects enterprise production. With this in mind, Huawei will continue to be customer-centric and build more flexible and innovative data center switch products centering on high availability and reliability to help our customers succeed."

MWC Barcelona 2022 ran from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain. Huawei Enterprise’s exhibition booth is located at 1H50 in Hall 1 of Fira Gran Via. For more details about digital transformation of industries, please visit:Huawei Enterprise at MWC 2022 | New Value Together