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Huawei Launches Innovative Smart Airport Solutions for International Markets


[Muscat, Oman, November 20, 2023] During the first Airports Innovate Exhibition, which takes place from November 20 to 22 in Muscat, Oman, Huawei launched a series of brand-new smart airport solutions for international markets, including the Fully Connected Fiber Network Solution and Smart Airport Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing Solution. These innovative scenario-based solutions will serve its customers all over the world.

Relying on its edge in the Fixed 5G(F5G) sector, Huawei introduces "IP + optical" dual-technology convergence to its Fully Connected Fiber Network for the first time. It supports efficient access across multiple types of network, creates dual planes — backbone 100G transmission and services, and helps build a highly reliable data center network, laying a solid foundation for smart airport construction. Compared with traditional IP networks, the Fully Connected fiber Network has the following advantages:

• Converged bearer: With a reliable bearer, multiple services do not interfere with each other thanks to the hard isolation between them, ensuring reliable transmission and the stable running of airport services. The network delivers wireless office and production with seamless network access anytime and anywhere, requires 60% fewer wired information points, makes video conferences smooth, and improves collaboration efficiency by 30%.

• High reliability: Active devices are replaced with passive ones using optical access technology. The simplified two-layer architecture delivers higher reliability.

• More efficient O&M: The network management system, which is based on Huawei iMaster NCE, facilitates rapid service planning and improves intelligent O&M efficiency. 85% of faults are self-healing and 95% of faults can be analyzed using big data, improving O&M efficiency by 68%.

• Green: The network has 10 times higher bandwidth, and greatly reduces power consumption per Gbit/s traffic. Its construction is simple, with one network for multiple services, reducing overall electricity consumption by 30% on average.

"Airports of the future will be expected to deliver ultra reliable connectivity in all areas, providing a seamless travel experience for passengers. This places higher demands on airport networks which Huawei's systems can support," said Huang He, Vice President of Huawei's Aviation & Rail BU.

The Smart Airport Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing Solution, which is based on distributed fiber optic sensing, can accurately identify vibrations caused by wind and rain. It comprehensively detects perimeter intrusions in all weathers and covers long distances, ensuring zero missed alarms and reducing the number of false alarms to no more than one per kilometer each day. All these features will contribute to higher intelligent protection levels, all-round airport operational security, and improved staff experience.

Traditional airport perimeter security solutions would lead to a high false alarm rate and costly O&M. Huawei's Smart Airport Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing Solution can reduce the false alarm rate by more than 90%, implement meter-level precise positioning, and accelerate event response and handling. Distributed fiber optic sensing features simple deployment and O&M, and passive front-end optical cables are O&M-free. One fiber sensing system can cover 10 km perimeters.

At Airports Innovate, Huawei showcased Huawei Airport Cloud and panoramic smart airport solutions. As the cornerstone of airports' intelligent and digital transformation, they provide smart services for airports.

Moussa Huang, director of international market development of Huawei's Aviation & Rail BU, said, "The future airport cloud must be secure, reliable, and intelligent while supporting smooth evolution. Huawei Airport Cloud ensures active-active and reliable production services and facilitates rapid development of airport services through cloud-network-security integration."

Huawei Airport Cloud has been successfully deployed in China's Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. Huawei helped China West Airport Group, the owner of Xianyang International Airport, build one airport cloud. Over 50 core systems have been completely migrated to the cloud. Huawei leveraged its foundational intelligence capabilities to enable the intelligence across all scenarios in the airport.

As a leading global ICT infrastructure provider, Huawei has provided innovative solutions for the transportation industry for nearly 30 years. It has delivered top-level services to more than 130 airports in more than 40 countries and regions. Looking to the future, Huawei will continue teaming up with industry partners to promote innovative practices, with a commitment to serve the digitalization and intelligence of global airport customers, empowering the high-quality development of smart civil aviation.

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