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    Managed Service


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Managed Service

With the advent of the cloud, more and more enterprises are adopting an asset-light strategy, purchasing third-party managed Wi-Fi network services — instead of operating and maintaining their own — in order to focus on service delivery and better control Information Technology (IT) spend. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) therefore now need to build a future-oriented and automated operations platform that delivers massive capacity allied to an intelligent experience.


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CloudCampus for MSP

Huawei CloudCampus builds an all-in-one, managed service platform, offering high-quality wired, wireless, and Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) services, integrating big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. The solution automates service provisioning, supports an intelligent experience, and enhances security, slashing Operating Expenditure (OPEX). In short, CloudCampus lays a robust foundation for the growth of MSP services

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Interconexión inteligente de sucursales SD-WAN

Interconecte sucursales empresariales, sedes principales y múltiples nubes para construir SD-WAM de alto rendimiento que ofrecen una experiencia óptima, redes flexibles y O&M simplificadas.