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    Digital Converter Station

    Intelligent equipment, lean management, and digital O&M


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Digital converter station

HVDC transmission balances the supply and demand of energy across China's vast regions, making it crucial for the energy sector. UHV converter stations play an important role in this, but face several challenges: numerous devices, weak maintenance control, and many data silos. As a result, O&M is very difficult.
Huawei helps customers digitize their converter stations using our Spark architecture. Our station infrastructure streamlines over 30 previously separated systems. The solution also features an IoT awareness system that carries multiple services such as intra-site monitoring. Our customers can use the solution to improve operations and control — both cloud QH and provincial branches can centrally control production and management.
Converter stations
• One network for the entire station: An integrated POL + WAPI network connects all devices and carries multiple services, reducing the O&M difficulty and construction costs.
• Digital foundation: Integrated facilities streamline more than 30 systems to flexibly and efficiently carry service data.
• On-site station operations: Standardized operational processes and AI ensure operation quality, reducing manual workloads.
HQ and branches
Cloud-based applications: You can centrally manage the lifecycle of applications using our app store and deploy them at the station on demand.
Digital applications on the cloud: Your HQ can deploy an integrated O&M platform to centralize production control and achieve intensive management.


Continuous Security

Enhanced Safety

AI intelligently identifies 13 personnel behavior risks and controls 10 types of violations. The system also accurately locates device faults.

Diversified Features

Smaller workload

Our system offers video + AI, human-machine collaboration, and efficient inspection. You can easily orchestrate and generate reports in seconds through dragging and dropping.

Conference Panorama

Improved emergency response

The solution monitors fire safety and emergency equipment and materials in real time. It quickly links the video platform with services, enhancing emergency management and enabling precise dispatch.

Digital Operations

Optimized operations

With our solution, you can easily set up equipment inspection policies and investment analysis services. You can also optimize equipment safety and efficiency, reducing operating costs.


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fusioncube 1000 banner bequoted

FusionCube 1000 Cabinet

Huawei FusionCube 1000 Cabinet is a one stop edge IT infrastructure solution for ROBO and vertical industry scenarios that can be deployed in offices.


Atlas 800 Inference Server (Model: 3000)

Powered by the Ascend processor, the Atlas 800 inference server (model: 3000) supports up to 8 Atlas 300I inference cards to provide powerful real-time inference.

product 02

ROMA site

ROMA Site is the edge form of ROMA Connect. ROMA Site can be deployed in the user IDC or third-party public cloud and reversely connected to the cloud ROMA Connect. Collects data from heterogeneous data sources (such as MySQL, MongoDB, and RESTful APIs) of different service systems in different regions without compromising enterprise security boundaries.

ac6508 overview pc

AC6508 Access Controller

A small-capacity fixed wireless AC for small and medium-sized enterprises, AC6508 can manage up to 512 APs and features a GE switch function, achieving integrated access for wired and wireless users.

AirEngine 5761R-11 & 5761R-11E

Puntos de acceso AirEngine 5761R-11 y 5761R-11E

Alcanza una velocidad máxima de dispositivos de hasta 1.775 Gbit/s a 2.4 Gbit/s, estos puntos de acceso AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 para exteriores admiten más de 1000 usuarios, con una cobertura en exteriores excepcional y una clasificación de protección contra agua y polvo alta, por eso, son ideales para estadios, plazas públicas, calles peatonales y parques de diversión.

Huawei OptiXstar T823E-x

OptiXstar T823E-X de Huawei

Diseñado para diversos escenarios industriales —desde el transporte hasta la seguridad pública— OptiXstar T823E-X es una ONU industrial en la solución de red óptica industrial de Huawei, que ofrece dos puertos XGS-PON en el lado de la red y ocho puertos GE, con compatibilidad con PoE++, en el lado del usuario.