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  • Huawei CloudCampus Helps Honda Agency Grow

Huawei CloudCampus Solution is based on cloud technology, and therefore does not require engineers to travel from HQ to the dealerships to carry out O&M and troubleshooting. In addition, this solution offers various data analysis capabilities so that we can calculate customer flow and the number and length of visits, which helps us to plan and deliver precision marketing.


Since its establishment in 2003, Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. has worked hard to become a leading joint venture brand in China’s automotive market. Faced with changes to the competitive landscape in recent years, Dongfeng Honda also faced challenges to its development — should they stand by and hope to be chosen by the market, or innovate to succeed in the market? After careful research, the company decided to gradually switch their market focus to third-tier and fourth-tier cities in China. At the same time, they would improve their operating efficiency through vigorous Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-based development.


However, there was a considerable discrepancy between the reality and their goals. For example:

  • With only five network experts at HQ, it would not be possible for them to plan the construction or upgrade of separate networks in hundreds of dealerships over the coming years
  • Dongfeng’s entry-level IT engineers have poor network-related technical skills, and they cannot carry out professional Wi-Fi network management
  • Dongfeng could not be certain how that newly recruited after-sales engineers could quickly and independently carry out professional work for the dealerships
  • Solution

    HQ experts provide remote guidance for network deployment in half a day

    Huawei CloudCampus Solution also simplified reconstruction of dealerships’ networks. Dongfeng Honda had planned to reconstruct the networks of seven dealerships across China in one month. These included Tonghua (Jilin), Chengdu (Sichuan), Shenzhen, Taizhou (Zhejiang), and Tianjin. If the traditional network deployment process was followed, the five network engineers from HQ would be exhausted. However, the Huawei solution made a vital difference. The Tianjin dealership network upgrade is a prime example:

  • Dongfeng HQ did not send engineers to go on-site. Instead, the engineers provided guidance from HQ by means of the Huawei cloud.
  • One week prior to deployment, the network engineers at HQ used drawings provided by the dealership to complete network planning on the cloud platform. Network devices were then sent to Tianjin.
  • On the day of network deployment, engineers in the Tianjin dealership used the Cloud Management App to scan the MAC and serial number on each device, and then installed and powered-on the devices. It was calculated that less than half a day was spent deploying the devices. Due to savings on deployment and travel expenses, the cost of network delivery was 30 percent less than expected.
  • Mobile phone scanning for fast deployment

    Centralized network O&M means fast troubleshooting

    Example 1

    After upgrading the network in an older Dongfeng Honda dealership, the network was upgraded to a cloud management network. This significantly improved the network’s operating efficiency. A few days later, a customer told an IT engineer, “I couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network while sitting in the waiting room.”

    The engineer immediately informed the IT experts at HQ of the problem, who then used the CloudCampus map management system to find that one Access Point (AP) in the dealership was offline. They informed the  local engineer of the location of the faulty AP. From discovering to rectifying the fault took only 45 minutes. Previously, solving similar problems would take at least two days, or even require experts from HQ to go on business trips to deal with the issue.

    This is just one of the benefits of cloud-managed deployment. After several months since the new network was deployed, network O&M efficiency was significantly improved for Dongfeng Honda, and great savings were made in travel costs.

    GIS map-based management of dealerships across China

    GIS map of Dongfeng Honda dealerships across China

    Cloud platform integrated with augmented reality

    It usually takes a few years for Dongfeng Honda’s after-sales engineers to go from beginners to experts. In that case, how can automobile after-sales engineers be helped to grow and quickly perform automobile maintenance? The answer is Augmented Reality (AR).

    Example 2

    Huawei CloudCampus cooperates with third-party partners to interconnect with an AR platform. Dongfeng Honda experts at HQ do not need to travel, and can guide the maintenance of after-sales engineers at the dealerships in real time. After HQ receives a booking from the dealership, engineers can log in to the cloud platform, select the AR glasses screen, call the dealership, and then give instructions for the maintenance operations.

    With the help of Huawei CloudCampus and third-party applications, young engineers in the Dongfeng Honda dealerships are able to quickly take on the duties of more seasoned automobile mechanics. The dealership’s operating efficiency and customer satisfaction have greatly improved.


  • Improved O&M efficiency
  • Lower cost of network delivery
  • Collaboration with third-party partners provides an AR platform that improves auto maintenance and technician training
  • Huawei actively leads the innovation and development of cloud-based network management, enabling digital transformation for customers in every industry. Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution provides users with the with fast deployment, simplified management, and a variety of applications, that help customers compete in the marketplace.