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Internet of Vehicles Solution

As the automotive industry continues to accelerate towards connected cars, more Internet of Vehicles (IoV) solutions are emerging through advancements of networking, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Traditional car companies must undertake additional roles beyond car manufacturers and evolve into car service providers. With the IoV and increased connectivity, the development of innovative industry applications now feature management capabilities for data, interconnections, operations, and security, with openness for Application Platform Interfaces (APIs) to third-party solutions.

Huawei’s IoV Solution integrates data, devices, and operational management. Through the implementation of unified and secure network access, flexible device adaptation, and mass data collection and analysis, IoV contributes significantly to generate new potential revenue sources.


A shared car experience maximizes the number of hours a car is being utilized, expands carpooling acceptance, reduces car idle times, improves usage rates, and increases travel efficiency. Vehicle networking achieves user scan-to-drive, promotes tracking of car driving status as well as driving behavior analysis, and other functions.

Fleet Management

Truck route planning, driving schedule and road conditions monitoring, as well as overall transport scheduling requirements by using vehicle networking to provide the corresponding truck driving and driver status information. Vehicle networking will enable efficient and accurate fleet management, with rapid response to unexpected events and business developments.

Traffic Control

Traffic enforcement departments can implement speeding warnings based on vehicle networking, monitor illegal driving behavior as well as obtain evidence, ease traffic congestion, and other functions that reduce law enforcement costs and can promptly remind drivers to avoid traffic accidents.

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  • Application Pre-Integration

    Secures the pre-installation of applications required by vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, and logistics enterprises.

  • Easy Terminal Access

    Various protocol adaptation capabilities provided by the agent solution enable rapid access to mass and differentiated vehicle-mounted terminals.

  • Big Data Analysis and Real-Time Intelligence

    Uses hierarchical intelligence and control, provides intelligent analysis tools through a rule engine system.

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