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About the OlympusMons Awards

Data, as a factor of production, has become a foundational and strategic resource. Large Artificial Intelligence (AI) models have developed rapidly and contributed to an explosion in computing power, datasets, and parameters. This, in turn, has generated new demand for high-performance data infrastructure such as high-speed networks and storage. As ecosystem collaboration deepens, scenario-oriented applications across industries will be the next big thing. But they require a multi-protocol, stable, efficient, and resilient storage foundation to support the entire data lifecycle, covering data generation, storage, transmission, and processing. Additionally, data enablement and resilience technologies for emerging services are also major challenges for the storage industry in the data economy.

The OlympusMons Awards were set up in 2019 to drive global research in foundational data storage theories, overcome crucial technical challenges, accelerate the industrialization of scientific research achievements, and foster a mutually beneficial collaboration between industry, academia, and research. The OlympusMons Awards have gained significant acclaim in the industry, with more than 180 scholars from over 60 scientific research teams participating since their establishment. With the announcement of three OlympusMons Awards and nine Pioneer Awards, they are now widely regarded as a trusted mark of recognition for the industry.

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OlympusMons Awards 2023 Challenges

  • Challenge 1

    Storage Technologies That Deliver Ultimate Per-Bit Cost Efficiency

    With the emergence and development of new non-volatile media and high-speed network protocols, further research needs to be done on storage architecture, media application, and storage media to build a storage system that delivers ultimate per-bit cost efficiency.

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  • Challenge 2

    Data Enablement and Resilience Technologies for Emerging Services

    To handle the diverse range of devices and new application workloads in data centers, high-speed data processing requirements, and new trends in data resilience, research needs to be done into technologies like data enablement and governance for new scenarios such as AI, data resilience and high reliability. This will enable us to build data enablement and resilience technologies for emerging services.

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The 2023 contest has two OlympusMons Awards and five OlympusMons Pioneer Awards.
Huawei will establish technical communication channels with winners and provide them with research assistance.

  • Storage Technologies That Deliver Ultimate Per-Bit Cost Efficiency

    CNY1,000,000 (approx. US$137,883)

  • Data Enablement and Resilience Technologies for Emerging Services

    CNY1,000,000 (approx. US$137,883)

*If no one is eligible for the OlympusMons Awards, the Review Committee will decide whether
to hand out one to five Pioneer Awards depending on the selection results.

Scoring Criteria

Entries will be scored on their technical and commercial value.

  • Technical Value
    Goal achievement: The degree to which the entry addresses the challenge.
    Innovativeness: Whether the entry applies new theories, methods, or techniques to address the challenge.
    Maturity: The readiness of the solution for production or real-world application.
  • Commercial Value
    Applicability: Whether the entry can be commercialized.
    Extensibility: Whether the entry has the potential to be further developed.
    Economic benefits: Whether the entry provides social or economic benefits.

Scoring Process


Nov. 8, 2023–Jan. 10, 2024


Jan. 11, 2024–Feb. 2024

Award Presentation

Apr 2024

Submitting OlympusMons Awards Application Materials

Applicants/Teams need to fill in OlympusMons Awards application materials using this template

and send them to before the filing deadline.

Applicants should comply with both the scope and rules of this activity and
applicable laws and regulations.