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  • 华为OptiX智简全光网

    Intelligent OptiX Network

    Achieving ubiquitous optical connectivity.
    OptiXtrans - Optical Transmission | OptiXaccess - Optical Access
    OptiXstar - Optical Terminals | OptiXsense - Optical Sensing


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Intelligent, Simplified, Ultra-Broadband

Huawei's Intelligent OptiX Network strategy aims to build intelligent, simplified, ultra-broadband, and ubiquitous next generation all-optical networks, bringing an enhanced service experience to every person, home, and organization. The strategy is realized through several vital product series, designed for Huawei Industry OptiX, Single OptiX, Sensing OptiX, DC OptiX, and Campus OptiX scenarios.

Extending from homes to rooms, from factories to machines, and from offices to desktops, optical fiber connections provide ubiquitous optical connectivity for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments, as well as the energy, transportation, finance, education, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

Cutting-Edge Enterprise Transmission and Access Products

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Optical Access

Based on PON technology, passive all-optical network access solutions enable access by any media, tailored to enterprises, ISPs, and MSOs.

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Optical Transmission

Building ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent enterprise transport networks.

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Optical Terminal

The OptiXstar product series extends optical connectivity to every home, enterprise, and campus, bringing families closer and making enterprise operations far more efficient.

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Optical Sensing

Huawei Sensing OptiX focuses on four aspects — ultra-long-distance comprehensive sensing, precise positioning, high security and reliability, and simplified deployment and O&M — for more secure, efficient production.

Application Scenarios

With its rich products and innovative solution portfolios, the Huawei FTTH solution helps customers seize opportunities and achieve differentiated service development and rapid revenue growth.
Through F5G optical technologies, the Huawei FTTO solution revolutionizes campus network transmission media, architecture, and O&M, helping industry customers build smart campus networks with ultra-high bandwidth and energy efficiency.
Huawei's MiniFTTO solution provides dual-band Wi-Fi 6, enabling ultra-gigabit all-optical wired and wireless access anywhere. It supports visualized management on a mobile app, simplifying O&M, even for those with limited expertise. In addition, the solution uses next-generation power over fiber (PoF) cables and plug-and-play terminals, building smart high-speed networks.
The Huawei FTTM solution applies F5G optical technologies to the industrial field to provide a bearer network featuring simple architecture, large bandwidth, low latency, high security, high reliability, and energy saving.
Huawei's industry production optical communication network leverages the cutting-edge OTN optical service unit (OSU) technology to build a reliable, simplified, and intelligent optical communication solution and ultimately facilitate the digital transformation of production networks.
To comply with the digital transformation of governments and enterprises, the Office Optical Network Solution helps build all-optical interconnections oriented to the future development of government and enterprise services. It helps users construct ultra-broadband, simplified, secure, and efficient all-optical bearer networks to greatly improve service experience and carry diverse smart services and applications to drive digital transformation in various industries.
The national all-optical backbone network leverages the high bandwidth, long distance, and high reliability empowered by Huawei's advanced optical technologies. In this way, it supports the construction of national backbone networks, interconnecting national, state, and city networks, bridging the digital divide, and promoting national economy and people's livelihood.
Huawei Data Center Interconnect Solution OptiXtrans DC908 building a stable and reliable data highway.
Enterprises need far more private line connections and much higher bandwidth to promote their digital transformation and cloudification. ISPs need to upgrade their legacy networks to provide premium private line services to meet differentiated requirements of enterprise customers in different industries, thereby driving new growth of B2B services.
Optical fiber sensing is a new sensing technology that uses optical waves as the carrier and optical fibers as the medium to sense and transmit external measurement signals. It provides functions similar to those of the sensory nerve of a human body.
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    OptiX for Good

    All-optical networks for everyone.

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    MWC 2023 Optical Session

    F5G Evolution, Unleashing Green Digital
    16:00–17:00, February 28, 2023 (Barcelona time, UTC+1/CET)

Real-World Success

DS networks: Fiber Optics and High-Speed Wi-Fi for Students

DS networks: Fiber Optics and High-Speed Wi-Fi for Students

Thanks to POL, DS-networks can provide every apartment with high-performance gigabit fiber Internet.

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Establish a Smart Transportation Base Using All-Optical Networks

In the process of digitalization and intelligence of transportation roads, network bearer is critical. It not only requires a leading technical architecture that will remain out of date for 10 years, but also requires continuous improvement of network bearer capabilities to meet the network requirements of more and more smart applications.


Huawei Elevates OUC's Campus Network with Comprehensive All-Optical Upgrade

The construction of campus networks is a major driver for advancing quality modern education. As university campuses teem with students and faculty in search of seamless connectivity, network infrastructure becomes paramount.

 FTTO Underpins Proton Therapy Center of Wuhan Union Hospital

FTTO Underpins Proton Therapy Center of Wuhan Union Hospital

Proton therapy is the world's most advanced radiotherapy technology, far outperforming conventional photon radiotherapy. Generally, the proton equipment accelerates the proton beams to 70% of the light speed, about 200,000 km/s, to precisely target a tumor and minimize the harm to surrounding body tissue and organs. This kind of radiotherapy is precise to the nearest 1 ms.

The Smart City Journey With TMG

The Smart City Journey With TMG

Datacom & green OptiX network provide highspeed,reliable,secure network that support smart city apps.

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By Applying F5G to Transportation, Huawei Contributes to Building Smart Expressway for Zhejiang Expressway Operation Company

Today's expressways are becoming increasingly smart, and channel capabilities have been improved through the application of digital infrastructure.

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Thailand MEA: Building a Highly-Reliable Power Communications Network

MEA's mission statement is to "innovate and operate a smart energy system to empower city life for smart living", which leads directly to its committed vision of "Energy for city life, Energize smart living". With such prominent forward-looking statements, how will MEA achieve its mission and vision?

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Lighting Up Energy: CEM Deploys Future-Oriented OSU OTN Electric Power Plane B Optical Communication Networks

As the only electric power supplier in Macao SAR, Companhia de Electricidade de Macao (hereinafter referred to as CEM) provides power supply services spanning power transmission, power distribution, and the sale of high-, medium-, and low-voltage power. The company is responsible for power supply and distribution across Macao.

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PLN Launches Home Broadband Services to Provide Ultimate Network Experience for Millions of Households in Indonesia

Huawei's Power Broadband Operations Solution empowers PLN to launch home broadband services, providing the ultimate network experience for millions of households in Indonesia.

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Huawei Campus OptiX Offers a Smart Experience to Amber House Hangzhou

An all-optical network has been established in Amber House Hangzhou, a hotel located on the bank of the beautiful Qiantang River. Hotel guests can not only view the magnificent mountains around the West Lake, but also enjoy the convenience of an information highway paved by the fiber network.

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Baidu and Huawei Jointly Build an Ultra-Broadband, Intelligent, and Simplified Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Network

Baidu is the world's biggest Chinese search engine and website provider and a leader in artificial intelligence. Baidu processes billions of search requests from more than 100 countries and regions, and is the main portal for accessing Chinese content online. Its mobile app, Baidu Mobile, has more than 1.1 billion monthly active devices.

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Converge ICT Builds ISP Network to Promote Philippines Digital Economy

Huawei has been responsive in terms of support. In terms of pricing, they remain competitive, and they help us a lot with strategy planning, what to do next, and where to go — which is one key area where we feel we should continue and expand cooperation.

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