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Premium Optical Networking from Huawei Enterprise Transmission & Access

Huawei’s premium optical networking solution is widely used in ISP/OTT, government safe city, energy, traffic, finance, education, healthcare, and production application scenarios to extend fibers from homes to rooms, from factories to machines, and from offices to desktops. It helps realize the company vision of bringing digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world through ubiquitous optical connections.

Huawei’s premium optical networking solution aims to provide ubiquitous optical connections and enable an intelligent world with everything connected. The solution complies with Moore’s Law in the optical network field and provides ultra-wide carrier pipes for mass data. The port rate, single-fiber capacity, and transmission distance are continuously improved. To simplify the network and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the entire network, fibers are used to replace copper lines in campus networks. To reduce equipment room space and power consumption, zero fiber connection is achieved in data centers and multiple services are carried on one production network. The solution provides secure physical hard pipes to isolate services for industry customers. In addition, AI chips are integrated to make the network visible in real time, support proactive sub-health maintenance, enable automatic service provisioning, greatly reduce the fault rate of the carrier network, and shorten the Time-To-Market (TTM) of services.

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Premium Connection Now Available for Various Industries

  • 1 solutions industries isp1 solutions industries black ispISP
  • 9 solutions industries oil gas9 solutions industries black oil gasEnergy
  • 5 solutions industries transportationHuaweiТранспортная отрасль
  • 3 solutions industries public safety3 solutions industries black public safetyGovernment & Public Security
  • 6 solutions industries educationHuaweiОбразование
  • Huawei customizes E2E Internet DC and access solutions based on ISP customers’ service requirements. These solutions feature big data analysis, cloud computing, fast application provisioning, virtual resource migration, visual tenant resource management, and elastic resource scaling.

  • The biggest challenge facing the electric power industry is to provide reliable, economical, efficient, and eco-friendly power grids. Huawei’s IT infrastructure provides efficient, secure management of electrical utilities from generation to distribution.

  • Huawei provides convenient transportation and smooth logistics through digital railway, urban rail, and smart airport solutions. Using cloud computing, big data, the IoT, agile networking, BYOD, eLTE, and GSM-R, Huawei’s solutions increase ICT usage in the transportation industry and lead to optimal transportation services, convenient travel, efficient logistics, smooth urban traffic, and transportation safety.

  • Huawei has partnered with global security specialists to provide comprehensive public safety solutions. These solutions provide converged command and visualized dispatching to improve emergency response time. Cloud platforms and intelligent analytics combine to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement, and ensure a safe environment for the public.

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    Huawei is committed to being your education solutions partner. We build the bridges to cross the digital divide, equalize educational opportunities, and help improve teaching quality. Huawei solutions fulfill the promise of “Leading New ICT, the Road to Smart Education”.

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