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Datacom Online

Datacom Online is an informative online video platform brought to you by Huawei Datacom. Here, you can watch the latest product launches, live events, and eye-catching solution demonstrations, and get an up-close look at the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Huawei Datacom provides intelligent IP network solutions tailored to campus network, data center network, WAN, and network security scenarios. Boasting super capacity, intelligent experience, and autonomous driving, these offerings help build a fully connected, intelligent world.

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The Government of Alicante, Spain, Adopts Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution

Jaime Pérez, the Information Technology (IT) Systems & Communications Manager for the Government of Alicante in Spain, explains how Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network (DCN) Solution helps the government provide secure, reliable, agile, and efficient public services, in turn supporting its overall digital transformation.

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Сетевая энергетика

[Intelligent IP Pioneers]Turbo-charged network rollout Superior shopping experience

Turbo-charged network rollout, superior shopping experience, and beyond. That's what makes Huawei's SD-WAN solution a great fit for retail stores.

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[Intelligent IP Pioneers] Huawei's Low-Carbon Intelligent Campus Solution in Schools

This innovative solution from Huawei helps schools accelerate digital transformation by making their campuses smarter, supporting uninterrupted education and remote learning.

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[Intelligent IP Pioneers] Distributed Energy Intelligent Management and Control Network Solution

Huawei launched this new solution to provide secure and efficient access for 400 V household distributed Photovoltaic (PV) plants, 10 kV PV plants, local small thermal power plants, and large power users.

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[Intelligent IP Pioneers] Innovative Simplified Architecture Based Hotel Fully-Wireless Coverage Solution

Innovative Simplified Architecture Based Hotel Fully-Wireless Coverage Solution.

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