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    Smart Grid eLTE
    Private Network Solution

    The best way for terminal access in the last mile of electric power communication network, facilitating the transformation of traditional power grids into energy Internet.


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Smart Grid eLTE Private Network Solution

Huawei Smart Grid eLTE Private Network Solution is a broadband LTE solution based on the 1.8 GHz (1785–1805 MHz) licensed spectrum. It can meet current service requirements, such as AMI, distribution automation, precise load control, user experience improvement, and network O&M efficiency improvement, as well as future service requirements related to new energy, helping realize the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.


Converged Policies

E2E wireless, free access

• Access assurance for the last mile, 100% service online rate
• No optical cabling and road excavation needed in urban areas
• Standard interfaces, supporting 10+ services, such as distribution automation, AMI, precision control, and mobile operations

22 simplify the network

Independent and trustworthy network

• In strict accordance with industry requirements, network could isolated by security zones or by control and production services.
• Independent and controllable network devices that pass the intranet security test of the Network Protection Action
• Multi-level NE and board backup, ensuring 99.999% network reliability

40 reduce cost

Higher efficiency, lower losses and investment

• Real-time data monitoring for timely fault identification, reducing the number of rush repair service tickets for low voltage by 9.4% and increasing the repair satisfaction to 99.8%
• Real-time query of NMS data for troubleshooting within 2 minutes, shortening the annual average power outage duration by 40 minutes
• Less dependency on public networks, reducing the public network traffic cost by CNY60/year/terminal on average


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Core network

Uses an independent and controllable hardware architecture and a China-developed operating system and database to ensure independence of key NEs. Supports centralized or distributed deployment, depending on the overall service planning, and can meet the service capacity requirements of large and medium-sized cities. Also provides a 1+1 active/standby architecture to ensure 99.999% network reliability.

Base station

Builds an enterprise-level radio access network (RAN) with the 1.8 GHz licensed spectrum. Leverages LTE TDD to meet the requirements of low latency and multi-terminal access in the electric power industry, and isolate data of different electric power services and networks of different security zones.


Providing public-private integrated modules. Considering the interconnection is complicated by numerous electricity meter vendors, Huawei will provide technical support to guarantee customers' service rollout.



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