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Base Station Backhaul Microwave Solution

Wireless base stations are widely distributed, and the backhaul network requires high quality. The wired transmission of base stations requires high construction costs, long construction period, and high O&M costs. Microwave transmission is fast in network construction and provides a carrier-class availability of up to 99.999%. More than 60% of the world's wireless base stations use microwave backhaul. Based on leading wireless, transmission, and datacom technologies, Huawei base station backhaul microwave solution provides fiber-level broadband wireless backhaul capabilities, ultra-low latency, fully modular architecture design, and co-site integration with wireless networks. Meets the requirements for efficient and reliable backhaul from 2G/3G/LTE/5G and 5.5G wireless base stations.


Deployment Automation

10 Gbit/s to site

Both common-band and E-band provide 10 Gbit/s transmission capacity per site

Low Latency, No Loss

Ultra-low latency

The single-hop latency is less than 50 microseconds, which is faster than that of optical fibers

Open Architecture

Modular and simplified architecture

Modular design of the IDU, RF, and antenna system, flexible deployment, and smooth upgrade

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Microwave Base Station Convergence Construction

Unified planning, design, installation, commissioning, and O&M of microwave and wireless base stations


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Coordinated delivery of base stations and microwave devices supports fast base station deployment and service provisioning.


10 Gbit/s to-site large broadband backhaul, TDM/IP multi-service interfaces, 50 microsecond ultra-low latency, meeting 5G-oriented base station backhaul requirements.


Unified platform, flexible architecture, and smooth upgrade.