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    Smart Pole Site

    Trusted, integrated, open, and intelligent design for smart city management


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Smart Pole Site

Huawei Smart Pole Site reuse existing city street lamps and highly integrate the outfield infrastructures of public sectors like city management, transportation, public security, emergency response, and weather services. This saves space and enables intelligent city management. Based on PMP microwave and HPLC, the smart pole site require no trenching or cabling and can be deployed swiftly. The intelligent cloud-edge synergy and visualized O&M enable more accurate sensing and more efficient management.


Rapid Deployment

More cost-effective

Multi-network integration
free from trenching and cabling
30% lower TCO per site

085 ronghe

More efficient

Cloud-edge synergy
algorithms to sites
and sustainable operation

Less laborious

Site-wide visualized management,
60% lower labor costs


Smart Pole Site