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GaussDB Distributed Database

Huawei GaussDB is an enterprise-class AI-Native distributed database that uses the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture. GaussDB supports both row and column-oriented storage and is capable of processing petabytes of data. GaussDB offers a cost-efficient, general-purpose computing platform to manage massive data sets and is compatible with a wide range of data warehousing systems, business intelligence (BI) systems, and decision support systems (DSS).

Huawei GaussDB integrates AI technology into the database kernel architecture and algorithms, providing users distributed databases with higher performance, higher availability, and more diverse computing power.



Model GaussDB 200
Data volume 10 PB
Single table size 1 PB
Data volume per row 1 GB
Field size 1 GB
Maximum number of records in a table 255
Maximum number of columns in a table 1,600
Maximum number of indexes in a table Unlimited
Maximum number of columns in an index 32
Maximum number of constraints in a table Unlimited
Number of partitions of a partitioned table 32,768
Size of each partition in a partitioned table 1 PB
Number of records in each partition of a partitioned table 255
Scalability 2048(logical cluster nodes)
256(physical cluster nodes)
Concurrent connections 600 (load balancing among 10 Coordinators)


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