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    SME self-built office network


  • Overview
  • Scenario and Challenge
  • Architecture
  • Success Story

SME self-built office network

In small- and medium-sized enterprises, the number of user is small and the services are basics. Enterprises usually complete the planning and deployment by themselves, and part-time personnel are responsible for simple network O&M and management.

The typical SME network uses firewalls, core switches, access switches, and APs to provide stable and secure network access services for internal and external users, meeting enterprise digital office requirements. Converged and flexible solution will help to simplify network O&M.

Scenario and Challenge

easy to deploy1

Complex terminal types

Wired, Wireless and IoT STAs need to connect to the network

easy to deploy1

Poor user experience

Video conferences are very popular, but networks can’t provide service level assurance

easy to deploy1

High TCO

Independent construction and management of campus and DC network raises costs


architecture sme


  • Example: Small and medium-sized business office space with front desk,separate office, and DC with server and storage
  • Object:300-500 person, 1000+ STAs,10 servers and some storage

Main Offering:

Catg. Model QTY
Firewall USG6525E 1
Core switch S5732-H48XUM2CC 2
Access switch S5731-S24UN4X2Q 4
S5735-S24P4XE-V2 4
WLAN AP AirEngine 6761-21 100
AirEngine 5761-13W 10

Success Story