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    Smart Healthcare Wi-Fi Network


  • Overview
  • Scenario and Challenge
  • Architecture
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Smart Healthcare Wi-Fi Network

The digitalization of the medical industry is mainly reflected in the diagnosis and treatment process, which mainly involves patient registration, detection, diagnosis, prescription, medicine collection, hospitalization, and patrol inspection. The electronic process greatly reduces the use of paper reports and improves the diagnosis and treatment efficiency of medical personnel. Improve the medical experience of patients and their families. Ubiquitous network coverage is the foundation of digitalization.

Scenario and Challenge

90 service continuity

Seamless Network Access

Healthcare staff and patients have high requirement to access network seamlessly

Intelligent Conferencing

Service Efficiency

Network should provide service stably and flexibly, making the healthcare service more efficient

Management Platform

Easy Network Mgmt.

Network solution should have a way to easily manage all those network equipment.


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  • Example: A medium scale hospital, Including front desk, consultation room, ward
  • Object:10 consultation room, 500-1000 beds

Main Offering:

Catg. Model QTY
Firewall USG6530E 1
Core switch S6730-H24X6C 2
Access switch S5755-H48U4Y2CZ 10
S5735-S24P4XE-V2 20
S5731-L8P2ST-RUA 10
WLAN AP AirEngine 6761-21 200

Success Story