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    High Security Government Office Network


  • Overview
  • Scenario and Challenge
  • Architecture
  • Success Story

High Security Government Office Network

The basic network for government digitalization includes the network for daily office work and the public network to provide digital access services for the public. The quality of the office network directly determines the work efficiency of government staff and the work experience of all citizens. Network security and reliability are two factors in government campus network planning and deployment.

Scenario and Challenge

Security Virtualization

High Security Requirement

Low data transmission security is not permitted

Safety authentication

MDM Management

Lack of effective product control and High risk of public data leakage

Management Platform

Easy Network Mgmt.

Struggling to locate network faults that cause public service interruptions


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  • Example: a medium scale government, Including office, reception hall
  • Object:200 user, 300-400 STAs

Main Offering:

Catg. Model QTY
Firewall USG6530E 1
Core switch S6730-H24X6C 2
Access switch S5755-H48U4Y2CZ 4
S5735-S24P4XE-V2 10
S5731-L8P2ST-RUA 20
WLAN AP AirEngine 6761-21 100
AirEngine 5761R-11 10

Success Story