• education schools pc v2

    Full-wireless primary
    and secondary schools


  • Overview
  • Scenario and Challenge
  • Architecture
  • Success Story

Full-wireless primary and secondary schools

In primary and secondary schools, digitalization is also accelerating. Teachers use multimedia to carry out daily teaching, testing, and evaluation. Students study and take test through tablets, reducing the application of paper textbooks and improving the sharing and transmission efficiency of teaching materials.

Scenario and Challenge

90 service continuity

Weak Wi-Fi coverage

Wi-Fi signals can’t cover all teaching areas to provide smooth network access

Intelligent Conferencing

Difficult user mgmt.

Users' online behaviors are diverse and difficult to manage

Management Platform

Noise sensitivity

Equipment noise brings negative influence to normal teaching.


architecture schools


  • Example: A small and medium-sized school with teachers' offices, classrooms, CCTV
  • Object:4 offices and 20 classroom,Full-wireless teaching, Access devices are deployed in classrooms.

Main Offering:

Catg. Model QTY
Firewall USG6530E 1
Core switch S6730-H24X6C 2
Access switch S5735-L24P4XE-A-V2 4
S5735-L16P2UM2X-QA-V2 20
WLAN AP AirEngine 5761-11 24

Success Story