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High-Quality Education Campus

High education sector has always been in a leading position in digital exploration, and has been open to new technologies, products, and solutions for data communications, and has become the main force incubating new technologies.

With the rapid popularization of intelligent terminals, each high school teacher has two to three terminals. Most of the services are large bandwidth data services such as online video and file download. Therefore, the user capacity and single-user bandwidth of the network are greatly challenged,

Scenario and Challenge

90 service continuity

Large number of STAs

2~3 Wi-Fi STAs per person, increasing the number of wireless terminals

Ultra-High Bandwidth

High bandwidth

Video and file download services require high bandwidth.

22 simplify the network

High TCO

Terminals drive the sharp increase of wired network ports, increasing TCO


architecture hight quality education v1


  • Example: A Mid-sized university including teaching buildings and office buildings 
  • Object: 10 building, 20 offices, 100 classrooms

Main Offering:

Catg. Model QTY
Firewall USG6530E 1
Core Switch S6730-H28Y4C 2
Access Switch S8700-6/10 10
Remote Unit S5731-L8P2ST-RUA 120
Access Point AirEngine 5761-11 200
Access Point AirEngine 5762-13W 20

Success Story