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Inclusive Connectivity Accelerates the Digitalization for All

Today, with the rapid development of information technology, the global digital divide has further widened. To date, about 2.9 billion people around the world still do not have access to the Internet. In particular, there are three challenges in rural network coverage: difficult network planning, high construction costs, and high O&M costs.
For different population densities and optical fiber conditions, Huawei provides three tailor-made and cost-saving inclusive connectivity solutions based on optical, datacom, and wireless products, helping governments enhance network coverage in urban and rural areas, achieve Internet for all, and bridge the digital divide.


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Professional Planning

• Professional simulation tools
• Localized network planning team with extensive experience

Flexible Deployment

Fast Deployment

• Centralized and automated configuration
• One-time site visit, simplified deployment

Eco-friendly and Energy-saving

Green Energy

• Converting diesel generator to solar energy
• Integrating site energy, and remotely reducing TCO


Based on multiple product portfolios, including wireless, datacom, and optical products, Huawei Inclusive Connectivity Solution can flexibly adapt to multiple scenarios such as urban, rural, and remote mountainous areas, reducing network construction costs and periods, and facilitating comprehensive national informatization.

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airengine 8760r x1 8760r x1e

AirEngine 8760R-X1 & 8760R-X1E Outdoor Access Points

Next generation outdoor flagship Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) APs that support 16 spatial streams — eight at 2.4 GHz (8x8 MU-MIMO, 8T8R) and eight at 5 GHz (8x8 MU-MIMO) — achieving a device rate of up to 10.75 Gbit/s and delivering superb outdoor coverage performance.
Designed for high-density outdoor scenarios, such as outdoor stadiums, public squares, and parks.

SmartAX EA5800-X7

Huawei OptiXaccess EA5800 Series

Huawei OptiXAccess EA5800 series, including SmartAX EA5800-X17, X15, X7, and X2, build ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent aggregation access networks for users.

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Terminal óptico

La gama de productos OptiXstar lleva la conectividad óptica a todos los hogares, empresas y campus, para acercar a las familias y lograr operaciones empresariales mucho más eficientes.


DBS5900 Distributed Base Stations

The DBS5900 is a wireless access device for the eLTE wireless broadband private network solution. It provides wireless access functions, including air interface management, access control, mobility control, and user resource allocation. The DBS5900 can meet the needs of industry users for wireless broadband access and multimedia critical communication, and obtain better coverage and user experience. The DBS5900 adopts a modular structure, with the baseband unit BBU and remote radio unit RRU deployed separately. The DBS5900 has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, flexible installation, and rapid deployment.

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