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    Puregold Enhances Storage Reliability and Performance for 24x7 Business Continuity

About Puregold

As one of the Philippines’ largest hypermarket and supermarket chain, Puregold Price Club, Inc (Puregold) manages more than 400 stores nationwide across its Puregold, S&R Membership Shopping and S&R New York Style Pizza brands. It is the grocery retail group of Cosco Capital Incorporated, which has different business portfolio spans over commercial real estate, liquor distribution, specialty retailing, oil and minerals. Puregold was listed on the Philippines Stock Exchange in 2011.

Since it founded in 1998, Puregold has received numerous accolades which includes Reader’s Digest Asia recognition as 2008’s Most Trusted Brand in the supermarket category. From 2010 onwards, it has been consistently recognized by Retail Asia Pacific as one of the top 500 retailers among the 14 key players in the region. To strengthen its leadership position in the country, Puregold plans to expand its coverage to 700 stores. However, their legacy IT systems has been reviewed and show a limited in its storage capacity and performance in order to support their growth plan.

Fuelling Retail Innovation and Growth

To better manage the explosive growth of its customer and business data, in end of year 2017, Puregold has decided that they need a complete transformation and upgrade of its storage systems. Data protection is critical to safeguard its confidential and business information.

Why Huawei

With system reliability and performance as its top selection criteria, Puregold has chosen Huawei against the incumbent and other player in the industry. Huawei proposed a converged Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solution incorporating remote disaster recovery and end-to-end Converged Data Management (CDM) — which impressed Puregold’s senior management team with its excellent performance, reliability and assurance business continuity.

Puregold was heartened by the compression capability of Huawei Dorado NVMe All-Flash Storage which delivers two-times faster performance than the other two contenders, and resulting significantly lower Puregold’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

When Huawei conducted a remote Proof of Concept (POC) on Oracle Business Solutions, and shows that it has achieved perfect Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) with zero scores. This shows that Huawei’s solution can be delivered up to 99.9999% availability and support 24x7 business continuity.

Besides the superiority of its solution, Puregold was impressed with Huawei’s responsiveness. This was proven thru delivery of solutions in three days and completion of POC testing, which includes problem resolution in just 15 days. The main strategic of partnership is based on Huawei’s sincerity and commitment to deliver a future-ready solution that address Puregold’s current challenges, and getting ready to grow exponentially.

Huawei Solution for Puregold

Huawei’s converged Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solution, incorporating remote disaster recovery (DR) and end-to-end Converged Data Management (CDM), which delivered reliable and performing system. This is in align with Puregold’s customer centric and service-oriented businesses.

With Huawei’s CDM solution, Puregold can now enhanced DR assurance, and ensure their mission-critical retail operations will remain up and running round-the-clock. To enable efficient storage self-protection in a multi-cloud environment, Huawei’s CDM solution, together with the solution’s active/active architecture, further assures Puregold of zero data loss in the event of any fault at either sites. This is to ensure 99.9999% reliability and 24x7 business continuity, while supporting Puregold’s ‘zero data loss’ policy to secure and safeguard its critical data.

Powered by intelligent chips, NVMe architecture and Huawei FlashLink intelligent algorithms, the Huawei Dorado5000+NVMe All-Flash Storage provides industry-leading IOPS with 0.3-millisecond latency and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 3 million hours — delivering two-times faster performance than Puregold’s legacy storage solution.

Puregold has successfully lowered its TCO with Huawei’s industry-leading inline compression and de-duplication technology, backing up by data reduction at a ratio of 5:1. They can enjoy further investment protection with Huawei’s Smart Virtualization technology which allows the effective management with heterogeneous storage systems from both legacy and new storage infrastructures.

Operations and management (O&M) is now much easier by using OceanStor BCManager - Huawei’s disaster recovery and backup management software. Puregold’s IT managers can now centralized manage its DR architecture, visually monitor the operating status of its DR services, and performed data recovery and one-click DR testing easily. Data backup has been simplified with permanent incremental backup system, synthesis-free recovery technology, and multi-tenant automatic backup for FusionCloud - Huawei’s Cloud Computing platform.

Future-Proofing for Greater Growth

Moving forward, Puregold is assured with a future-proofed IT infrastructure to meet its fast-evolving business needs, backed by the superb performance, comprehensive enterprise-class capabilities and high efficiency of Huawei’s storage solution.