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    Integrated Optical Bearer Network Solution

    Building Future-Proof Ultra-Broadband, Simplified, and Intelligent Networks


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Huawei's Integrated Optical Bearer Network Solution Builds an All-Optical Base for Private Line and Home Broadband Optical Networks

The era of 5G/F5G/Home+ has arrived. Cloudification and digital transformation of enterprise services, together with learning and working from home, have driven a rapid growth in network traffic. Huawei's integrated optical bearer network solution helps ISPs build high-quality FTTx bearer networks, achieving differentiated development and rapid revenue growth of home broadband and enterprise services.

By leveraging industry-leading E2E optical transport products and NCE, Huawei's integrated optical bearer network solution enables ISPs to build a simplified optical bearer network that has high bandwidth, high reliability, SLA assurance, and intelligent O&M. In this way, one optical bearer network supports FTTx and maximizes the value of networks.

Gain the Edge

Ultra-Broadband Interconnection


• Super C band, up to 120 wavelengths@50 GHz
• Super 200G, 200G–800G adjustable
• Up to 96 Tbit/s per fiber, 120 wavelengths x 800G@100 GHz

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• OSU/Ponder/PDH/SDH/PKT/OTN 6-in-1
• Simplified optical layer, simplifying internal fiber connections and saving space

Smart Brain


• NCE-T: intelligent O&M
• ASON 2.0: self-healing within seconds
• OD/FD: optical-layer visualization


With its next-generation simplified network architecture, Huawei's integrated optical bearer network solution implements long-haul access of home broadband and mobile services over one network, 200G/400G ultra-broadband networks, and iMaster NCE-based intelligent deployment and O&M, providing high-quality bearer network experiences for ISPs.

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2H: home broadband services

ISPs build their own bearer networks or reconstruct metro networks to enable OTN to CO sites and simplify network construction, meeting the requirements of home broadband bearer networks for large capacity, low latency, and short TTM.

2C: mobile services

As market competition intensifies, high-value customers pose high requirements on private line quality. The financial sector requires private lines with stably low latency for high-frequency transactions. Governments want private lines with physical isolation to enhance security. The public security sector needs private lines that support multi-service transmission, service isolation, and stable bandwidth. OTT and media providers require high-bandwidth private lines that can flexibly groom video signals from stadiums to different broadcasters. As MSTP devices are gradually phased out, OTN devices naturally inherit the advantages of MSTP private lines. The transmission network solution can well meet the premium private line requirements of high-value customers.

Backbone bearer

In the 5G/F5G era, cloudification and digital transformation of enterprise services have driven a rapid growth in network traffic. More and more ISPs start to upgrade their backbone networks. 200G and 400G have become the mainstream solutions for backbone network construction in the next two to three years. Huawei OptiXtrans E9600 products can help upgrade backbone transmission networks to 100G, 200G, 400G, and 800G.