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    Top Spanish Travel Business Embraces Its Workplace Upgrade with an IP + POL Network

AVORIS and SAMPOL selected Huawei for this project, due to its maturity and technological leadership, which is embodied in a complete portfolio of integrated equipment and comprehensive tools in both optical (POL) and wireless (Wi-Fi 6) environments.

ÁVORIS is a global tour operator, based in Spain, specializing in leisure and corporate travel, with more than 5 million travelers per year and a turnover of more than 4 billion euros. The vertically integrated company is leading change in the tourism sector with a focus on five major business areas: distribution, product, air, destination service, and experiences.

The group recently acquired a new 22.000m2 HQ building which will house no less than 800 employees and as such, requires a complete ICT infrastructure upgrade to meet international business objectives and an all-wireless network that can quickly connect people and environments. Everything IP-connected from the collaborative software communications tool WorkPlace, used by employees, to practical provisions including CCTV, accessibility, and temperature control all demand a fast, flexible, and efficient network which considers long-term total cost of ownership (TCO).

Connectivity challenges of the corporate world

The evolution of highly connected modern work environments is built on robust, around-the-clock, expansive networks. To achieve efficiency, it's crucial to have seamless access to collaborative IT applications and services. This access should be enabled through a unified network with a simplified, flexible, and modular architecture that also offers high bandwidth and low latency for secure data exchange.

Additionally, next-generation smart buildings which leverage IoT sensor-based technology and real-time data analytics for personalized solutions are now installed as standard, highlighting the inadequacy of existing connectivity infrastructures.

Traditional LANs based on copper (structured cabling) and traditional switching have reached obsolescence and any investment in them is both costly and inefficient in the long term, whilst resulting in cluttered wiring closets and increased ventilation needs.

ÁVORIS and its partner, SAMPOL, a digital technology integrator, leading the implementation of IP + POL solutions, established that a Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution was necessary, which would prioritize cybersecurity, enable wireless access through the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 service, and integrate additional ICT services.

SAMPOL would design and deploy an IP + POL network, reducing structured cabling and removing multiple levels of switch and router aggregation, thus saving building resources.

Huawei addresses requirement for an optimised POL solution

These two companies required an experienced equipment provider to deliver the project to completion and chose Huawei and its IP + POL solution, which revolutionizes transmission media, architecture, and O&M within a network, enabling smart next-generation campus networks with ultra-high bandwidth and energy efficiency.

Additionally, the unified IP + POL architecture can be managed from a single platform (NCE-Campus), simplifying network deployment, saving 90% of cabling, optimizing space and reducing implementation costs up to 50% and power consumption up to 30%.

The highly scalable solution offers modularity and can flexibly adapt to the needs of the moment, whilst also reducing workload and improving Operation and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency by 60%. Plus, it is IoT ready: Huawei’s Wi-fi 6 has built-in Bluetooth and an IoT expansion module to integrate protocols and wireless automation through devices such as RFID, Zigbee, Enocean and UWB.

Flexible, scalable cloud technologies

Huawei’s IP + POL solution is the ideal choice to accomplish this task. It adopts cutting-edge wireless, intelligent, big data, and cloud technologies to build service-centric campus networks that deliver ubiquitous connectivity, unmatched service assurance, and smooth evolution. With networking compatibility and openness, Huawei’s IP + POL Solution enables enterprise digital transformation.

The POL infrastructure harnesses simplified architecture based on One Platform (NCE-Campus) to manage a point-to-multipoint network, and deploys XGS-PON technology, which can support higher speed 10 Gbps symmetrical data transfer parallel on the same physical medium, better supporting service applications in office buildings.

Computers, printers, video conferencing, wireless backhaul, voice, and information release systems, are all supported over the same fiber, whilst the technology optimizes the cabling of legacy networks and provides a highly flexible and scalable high-speed campus bearer network which supports ongoing bandwidth upgrades.

Huawei's IP + POL solution is capable of offering the highest bandwidth through passive optical components, reducing TCO and space costs compared to traditional solutions, and providing the best connectivity experience with only one hop to reach the applications that rely on Data Centers or the Cloud. This design improves sustainability, simplifies network deployment and coupled with a mature ISP market, drastically reduces overall acquisition and operating costs.

Following the delivery of the technology, SAMPOL will take responsibility for the installation, maintenance, monitoring and 24/7 remote management of the network.

Huawei supports businesses with critical networks

Huawei’s innovative IP + POL offering will revolutionize ÁVORIS’ campus network transmission, architecture, and connectivity.

This is critical for modern smart businesses, in a world which has been reshaped by digitalization and where intelligent networks are the cornerstone of business operations.

Lorenzo Huguet, Infrastructure Director Technology Area at Avoris, said: “Finding a connectivity solution that solves the challenges of today's working environment and smart buildings is crucial for our business. HUAWEI IP + POL is the optimal architecture that allows us to deliver the best user experience, deploy one network for all IT services and optimize cost at our headquarters.”