• Net5.5G Converged WAN Solutions Helps Accelerate Digital Transformation and Facilitates Service Innovation

    Huawei & Ecuador Telconet

    Net5.5G converged WAN solution accelerates digital transformation and facilitates service innovation


"To cope with the increasing pressure on service deployment and O&M resulting from the explosive growth of traffic and users, Telconet chooses Huawei's Net5.5G Converged WAN Solution, which delivers 400GE ultra-high bandwidth, SRv6-based differentiated transport, and intelligent O&M based on Network Digital Map."


Telconet is a regional integrated communications service company in Ecuador. It has deployed 35,000 km of optical fibers and more than 3,000 service outlets across the country. Telconet has laid cross-border optical fibers in Colombia, Venezuela, and Guatemala, and provides broadband access. It serves more than 300 domestic and international corporate customers, including many well-known banks.

Customer Challenges

In this era of digital transformation, the Internet touches all aspects of people's lives. Activities such as social networking, gaming, payments, and travel are increasingly moving online. Similarly, various industries are undergoing significant changes with the rise of remote work, e-commerce, teleconferencing, distance education, and telemedicine. As a result, the need for networking and data connectivity is more urgent than ever.

In Ecuador, there has been a significant increase in the proportion of time that people spend online. Unfortunately, current home broadband services cannot meet the growing demand. As digital transformation relies heavily on digital infrastructure, Telconet aims to build a reliable ICT infrastructure and provide high-quality network services to ensure user satisfaction.

Low network bandwidth

The traffic on the live network has tripled from 2020 to 2022. The epidemic has further pushed up demand for home broadband services, with people spending more and more time using online platforms. In addition, users are becoming increasingly sensitive to service experience. As a result, users' demand for bandwidth is also rising sharply, and the number of users on the live network is expected to increase by more than 25% each year. However, the bandwidth of the link between the customer's core nodes is 100 GE, and needs to be upgraded.

Difficult deployment and O&M

As the number of users increases sharply, so too does the number of devices and service types on the live network. As a result, the deployment and O&M of new services on the existing network management system become more and more difficult.

Devices on the live network are reaching EOX

The customer purchased devices from the incumbent vendors many years ago, and these devices are reaching EOX. In addition, with the sharp increase in Internet traffic, the customer cannot meet future 400G and IPv6 evolution requirements.

Huawei Solutions

Telconet advances its digital transformation based on innovative ICT technologies provided by Huawei's Net5.5G Converged WAN Solution. Through innovations such as 400GE, converged devices, and intelligent O&M, Telconet and Huawei have jointly built a secure and reliable backbone network, achieving higher efficiency and providing high-quality network experience.

Long-term evolution of the solution and investment protection

The bandwidth of core nodes on the backbone network is evolved to 400GE, with high-density 400GE boards supported in the future. In addition, core nodes support SRv6, meeting customers' requirements for E2E SRv6 deployment. In this way, customers can obtain leading technical solutions for the next 10 years, meeting their digital transformation requirements.

Service experience assurance

SRv6 reduces the number of network protocols, supports automated and fast deployment, and provides refined service management. Previously, it took more than half a month for customers to provision services. But now, SRv6 can be deployed automatically and quickly by setting the start point and end point, greatly saving time and costs.

Easier O&M fault locating

NCE-IP implements multi-dimensional visualized O&M of links, services, and tunnels. While it used to take several days to locate a fault, it now takes a matter of minutes. In addition, manual fault locating is not required, greatly simplifying management.

Commercial Value

The Net5.5G Converged WAN Solution supports full-service convergence and provides stable and reliable converged transport on the backbone network. This solution supports continuous innovation of customer services and accelerates digital transformation.

In addition, Network Digital Map can implement network-wide evaluation and correlation analysis, as well as minute-level fault location and rectification. Furthermore, building a green and low-carbon network and using a layered green architecture can effectively improve network energy efficiency.