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    Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution

    Precisely detect external intrusions through multi-dimensional awareness, convergence, and AI.


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Safeguard Railway Operations Round the Clock

The complex, potentially exposed environments railway lines cover make it difficult to detect intrusions, especially when the technology involved is outdated. So choose Huawei's Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution to safeguard operations through multi-dimensional awareness, technological convergence, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This state-of-the-art solution detects intrusions with precision and generates alarms in real time, around the clock. Inspection efficiency is increased by some 50%, compared to traditional solutions, while the solution remains immune to harsh environmental conditions, including high winds, heavy rain and snow, and thick fog.

Unique Combination of Radar and Optical Fiber Detection

The solution deploys a unique combination of mmWave radars — detecting moving targets at a distance of up to 200 m — and vibration-sensing optical fibers, which pick up high-risk activities, such as fences being climbed: intelligent sensing devices identify the cause of vibrations, filtering out interference.

Plus Intelligent Cameras

Both radar and optical fibers are linked with intelligent Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) dome cameras that automatically track identified targets, perform secondary reviews, and rapidly generate alarms. The solution ensures a missed alarm rate below 1%, with a false alarm frequency under once per kilometer per day.

Gain the Edge

Continuous Security

Radar-Video Fusion and Intelligent Alarms

Long-distance detection of intrusion objects — up to 200 m — and automatic PTZ dome camera tracking ensure high reliability with zero blind spots.

Deployment Automation

Deep Learning and Accurate Algorithms

Industry-leading algorithms make railways smart, with deep learning ensuring continual improvement for ever more refined operations.


Device-Cloud Synergy

Intelligent device-edge-cloud data convergence centrally manages station platforms and front-end algorithms.

Easy Installation and Simplified O&M

A one-stop site solution integrates power transmission, power supply, and networks, simplifying deployment and streamlining Operations and Maintenance (O&M).




Real-World Success