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    Huawei Financial Cloud Helps Nova Credit Identify Opportunities Among Risks

Before October 2017, there was only one credit reference company in Hong Kong. This severely limited the efficiency for Hong Kong banks to innovate new credit products or services. However, the rapid rise of providers around the world to issue small loans and support peer-to-peer (P2P) businesses gave birth to a new FinTech credit reference company in the greater Hong Kong market — Nova Credit.

Born for Credit Reference Innovation

Nova Credit was established jointly by major banks and other leading financial institutions in Hong Kong. Together, experienced industry practitioners built a new credit reference agency committed to establishing a financial information platform to improve the efficiency of credit and risk processing for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Along with an innovative technology team, Nova Credit was founded by senior managers familiar with the global banking and credit reference business. Nova Credit also has data standardization solutions and uses risk assessment criteria that are accepted throughout the Greater Bay Area.

Nova Credit provides an integrated service platform that includes identity validation, credit-risk management, intelligent credit management dashboards, anti-financial crimes solutions, a professional scorecard model and analytics solution, and commercial financing. For these services to create maximum value, Nova Credit was challenged to go beyond the traditional IT architecture.

Shaking Off Traditional IT Architecture

When using a traditional, siloed IT architecture, credit query efficiency was low and information could not be shared. Clients would experience lengthy delays before receiving their credit reports, and service rollouts were complicated and time-consuming due to low resource utilization and insufficient scalability. Significant time and manpower resources were required to meet the O&M demands for a traditional IT architecture.

Huawei is the only vendor in the industry able to provide complete and integrated solutions based on private clouds and server, storage, network, and security platforms. These solutions are highly compatible and deliver excellent performance specifications with easy-to-use O&M and fault location tools.

As the Hong-Kong-based company planned its expansion into Southeast Asia — and eventually worldwide — Nova Credit needed a strong partner to support its rapid business development. It chose Huawei to help transform the traditional credit reference service in Hong Kong and improve the level of its professional credit rating service.

To meet all customer requirements, Huawei provided the Financial Cloud solution that is based on the HUAWEI CLOUD full-stack hybrid cloud solution. It provides the customer with a cloud data center that offers service awareness, business intelligence, and unified management and service capabilities. The data center contains resources such as computing and storage, a network, a firewall, virtualization layer, cloud platform, cloud services, and unified management platform.

The Huawei Financial Cloud solution has helped Nova Credit improve the efficiency of all credit reference processes. The distributed cloud platform effectively shortens the cycle time for credit queries and improves user experience. Automatic task orchestration speeds up new service rollouts and shortens each rollout cycle.

Huawei Solution Proves Itself Immediately

As a young company, Nova Credit did not have enough IT personnel. Yet, it wanted to build an IT system with new architecture and technology to realize unified and automated resource management.

Huawei FusionSphere OpenStack helped Nova Credit make extensive enhancements for computing, storage, and network management, ease of installation, O&M, security, and reliability. In addition, ManageOne is a unified, policy-driven data center management platform that provides advanced solutions to fulfill service guarantees and the orchestration of the distributed cloud data center. In this way, Huawei has helped Nova Credit to reduce the cost of its IT O&M.

With Huawei’s safe and reliable Financial Cloud solution, Nova Credit can ensure zero service interruption for credit references. Real-time data center monitoring is available 24/7, and when service faults occur, automated recovery is achieved as quickly as 0.03 seconds. Strong and reliable defense systems strengthen data encryption to ensure the security and reliability of the credit reference platform.

Nova Credit leverages information sharing and big data analysis to authenticate customer information and supporting materials. It also reduces financial crimes. These applications take full advantage of the Huawei Financial Cloud solution and all-flash storage.

More and more enterprises are operating cross-border between Hong Kong and mainland China. Already, over 200,000 mainland businesses have access to Hong Kong, while 30,000 Hong Kong companies have deployed their businesses in the Greater Bay Area. Although some information can be found through public channels, the data sources are not reliable enough for crucial credit reference decisions. A unified platform is still needed to reduce costs for banks.

In the future, Nova Credit and Huawei are expected to continue their extensive cooperation, and together contribute to the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area financial credit information platform.