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    Perimeter Protection Site

    Deploy high-accuracy, long-distance protection for safer perimeters


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Perimeter Protection Site

A Perimeter Protection Site helps achieve efficient and accurate intrusion detection for critical infrastructure with high safety requirements and long, potentially exposed perimeters. With multi-modal and remote backhaul technologies, such sites automatically — and accurately — predict, detect, and warn against intrusions, whatever the weather and around the clock.


Accurate Sensing

Achieve over 95% sensing accuracy, with under a single false alarm a day per kilometer covered. Positioning accuracy reaches 5 m

Rapid Deployment

Simplify Deployment

Enjoy all-in-one delivery with multi-module integration

High Integration

Remote Backhaul

With multiple networking modes, roll out reliable backhaul for any scenario


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products2 optixsense ef3000 f50

Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-F50

Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-F50 is a distributed optical fiber sensing system designed for perimeter security protection. It can quickly identify and accurately locate intrusions, and report alarms using optical fibers routed in perimeter fences to implement online real-time monitoring and security warning. It provides unattended inspection for protecting large perimeters such as railway and airport perimeters.

hwt ivs1800 c08 4t


The HWT-IVS1800-C08-4T is a 4T 64-channel intelligent micro edge (8 disk trays). It has the following features:1.Multiple intelligent analysis functions 2.High reliability 3.High performance and flexibility 4.Easy deployment and maintenance

OptiXstar T823E-DL

Huawei OptiXstar T823E-DL

The OptiXstar T823E-DL is industrial ONU in Huawei's industrial optical network solution. The network side provides two GPON/XGS-PON upstream ports, and the user side provides eight GE Ethernet ports. With high-performance forwarding capabilities, the device provides ideal industrial production network solutions for various industrial scenarios, such as transportation,electric power and intelligent manufacturing.

Huawei PowerCube500-T873E

Huawei PowerCube500-T873E

Featuring a highly integrated power supply and network backhauling, Huawei PowerCube500-T873E is a video site solution that is widely used in Smart City and smart transportation scenarios. The solution uses high-performance power modules and an intelligent Operation Support System (OSS) to provide uninterrupted power supply, significantly improving system reliability and operational efficiency.

CloudEngine S5731-H Series Hybrid Optical-Electrical Switches

CloudEngine S5731-H Series Hybrid Optical-Electrical Switches

• 1/2.5/10GE optical-electrical access, 4 x 10GE QSFP+ uplink ports
• Switching capacity of 672 Gbit/s
• Wired and wireless convergence for simplified network and user management
• Network fault locating in minutes through telemetry

Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801E-GP16

Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801E-GP16

A box-shaped OLT that requires only 1U installation space, offering small-scale AP convergence and meeting the service-bearing requirements for enterprises.