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    Lightweight branch

    Provides lightweight, simplified, and efficient branch data centers.


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Lightweight branch

Generally, it is built on the production site of a branch. The typical requirements are as follows:
1. The equipment room conditions on the operation site are limited. Office reconstruction and general cabinet air conditioners are widely used.
2. AI analysis, video analysis, and IoT data application are required, but the requirements for IT resources are small.
3. Insufficient resources and capabilities of IT personnel
Huawei provides a lightweight and easy-to-deploy branch data center solution that provides video, IoT access, and AI inference capabilities and efficiently collaborates with data and algorithms in the headquarters data center.


Lightweight and simplified

Any configuration of 2 to 12 cabinets,
full-function equipment room

Converged Forwarding

Quick Delivery

Installation acceptance completed within 4 days

Deployment Automation

Efficient Collaboration

Remote O&M at the headquarters and
collaborative data algorithms


lightweight branching architecture cn

Lightweight and simplified

L1-L2-L3 full-stack integration solution, integrated cooling, electricity, and control, full-function IT equipment room, ultra-lightweight, space-saving, and easy delivery

Efficient Collaboration

Efficient collaboration with the headquarters management and control cloud management, data, and AI, remote O&M, and algorithm synchronization in minutes