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Industry Cloud Enablement Service Implements Complete, Secure, and Efficient Cloud Transformation

With the dawning of Cloud Computing 2.0, cloud has become one of the core technologies that enable digital transformation and drive innovation. Cloud computing now focuses on how to create greater value instead of cost reduction. However, cloud migration of businesses cannot be accomplished overnight. Cloud transformation is destined to come across many challenges. How can the smooth migration of data and applications to the cloud be ensured? How can service performance, security, and SLAs on the cloud be guaranteed? How can information silos be avoided and mine data be collected, extracted, and analyzed effectively?

To help industry customers address the many challenges they face as they advance their in-depth cloud transformation, Huawei offers a portfolio of enablement services that cover the entire life cycle of industry cloud.
 Evaluation phase: Huawei, through extensive information collection, models, and analysis, gauges legacy applications’ resource needs and produces cloud migration feasibility reports with accuracy, to help enterprises choose the optimal cloud architectures and optimize resource allocation.
• Cloud migration phase: Huawei provides tailored migration plan, design, and implementation services to help customers meet requirements on data integrity, zero downtime, data privacy, and security.
• O&M phase: Huawei provides cloud professional services that include cloud-based disaster recovery and backup, security, and management.

Huawei provides cloud transformation services for 1,000+ customers worldwide across diverse sectors that include finance, government, and manufacturing through the leverage of cloud-based tools and platforms, mirrored verification labs, and industry-standard service models. These services help customers reduce time to market, boost IT resource utilization by up to 50 percent, and reduce TCO by maximum of 40 percent.


  • Cloud Planning, Design, and Implementation Service

  • Cloud Security Service

  • Big Data Enablement Service

Cloud Planning, Design, and Implementation Service
Expert and comprehensive network planning and design services help build, modernize, and scale ICT architecture quickly, effortlessly, and cost-efficiently.
Cloud Security Service
Huawei Cloud Security Service safeguards data and applications on the cloud.
Big Data Enablement Service
Huawei big data enablement service, data platform architecture, data service development designer, and data system governance.

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