• iMasterNCE-FabricInsight

    Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to proactively identify risks on networks before they impact services.


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iMaster NCE-FabricInsight

Huawei iMaster NCE-FabricInsight

Huawei iMaster NCE-FabricInsight is an intelligent analysis platform oriented to data center networks. Based on big data analysis technologies, it provides users with ubiquitous network application analysis and visualized presentation to eliminate the boundary between applications and networks.

iMaster NCE-FabricInsight collects massive real service packets through the Telemetry, displays network quality in real time, helping customers quickly identify fault and proactively identify risks before services are affected.

One-stop health check

• Telemetry-based full data collection in real time, implementing 24/7 network quality assurance based on the five-dimensional model.
• Intelligent identification of many risks from aspects of performance, reliability, capacity, consistency, and stability, preventing potential risks in advance.

One-click fault diagnosis

• Builds the network knowledge graph to identify more than 90 types of typical faults within 1 minute, locate them within 3 minutes, and rectify them within 5 minutes.
• Performs integrated application and network analysis and minute-level network path analysis, achieving one-click fault locating.

Business Protection

Integrated change assurance

• Automatic identification of configuration and entry differences, improving efficiency by over 10 times.
• Network-wide IP snapshot analysis, quickly locating VM locations and IP address changes.


Feature Description
Telemetry-powered analysis Monitors and analyzes KPIs of devices, boards, chips, interfaces, and queues.
Network change visibility Compares and analyzes network changes from dimensions such as device configurations and ND/ARP/RIB entries.
Exception log analysis Visualizes network-wide log events and intelligently identifies log changes and occasional exceptions.
Automatically clears or aggregates logs based on preset or user-defined rules.
IP 360 management Supports analysis on VM distribution, switch IP address distribution, historical access relationships, and snapshot comparison.
Feature Description
Network health evaluation Analyzes the health status of key network resources, evaluates many potential risks, such as reliability, capacity, performance, and stability risks, and periodically exports evaluation reports.
“1-3-5”troubleshooting Quickly locates root causes for 90+ typical issues and analyzes the impact scope, as well as collaborates with the controller to rectify some issues.
Supports intelligent aggregation and source tracing of massive logs, infers root causes, and analyzes fault propagation paths.
Service intent verification Supports intent verification on the data plane to automatically verify whether the connectivity of tens of thousands of services and underlay interconnection meet expectations.
Feature Description
Network path analysis Displays statistics on abnormal TCP events, traffic, and delay based on ERSPAN, as well as the topology path through which the traffic passes.
Supports fault reasoning for abnormal flows and one-click root cause locating.
Searches for network paths based on source and destination IP addresses for quick demarcation and locating.
NetStream flow analysis Provides the top N network traffic statistics in multiple dimensions such as the device, interface, protocol, session, host, and application.
Multicast flow analysis Supports network quality analysis of multicast services, including packet loss and delay measurement, and performs quick fault locating.
AnyFlow Analyzes flows and packets for devices equipped with Huawei Solar series chips, supports network traffic component statistics, abnormal session detection, and packet loss detection, facilitating fault locating.


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