Huawei Releases Industry Digital Operation Support Service White Paper

Helping customers achieve sustainable high performance and continuously optimize digital operations


[Shanghai, China, September 23, 2020] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei and China Electronics Standardization Institute jointly released the Industry Digital Operation Support Service White Paper. It aims to promote the concept of continuous operation support service to the industry, establish synergy to facilitate continuous operations, and improve industry digital operation efficiency. This is how digital platforms can provide their full potential.

Create an operating model to draw a new value improvement curve

Since the beginning of 2020, the pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on everyone. Still, opportunities coexist with challenges for digital transformation of industry organizations. According to the White Paper, enterprises have deployed digital technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, big data, and AI. In doing so, they have broken down data and system silos, and achieved steady business improvement. However, when it comes to the questions of how to keep improving business value and gain dividends from digital transformation, there is still a long way to go. Enterprises need to create an operating model to help them overcome digital transformation plateaus, and benefit from mid and long-term cycles.

A graph that displays the correlation between digitalized operations efficiency and revenue growth

According to Mr. Guo Zhiqiang, director of Digital Operation Support Service Product of Huawei, "Digital transformation must be conducted with the enterprise value orientation as the foundation. This way, enterprises can adjust the direction of digital transformation and narrow the gap between the implementation and digital vision. In addition, the core feature of digital transformation is to conduct data-driven business decision-making."

Build a digital operation center to optimize operation efficiency

The White Paper focuses on the digital operation support service framework that enterprises can refer to when building digital operation centers. The framework consists of four elements: management system, command center, service center, and support platform.

• Management system (foundation): Establish high-efficiency operational organizations, processes, and standards, form an organic collaborative operation mechanism, and support orderly and efficient execution of enterprises' digital transformation.

• Command center (nerve center): Offer monitoring, warning, and forecasting functions for operation status in domains, and support decision-making, coordination, and command of the management.

• Service center (driver): Establish a partner ecosystem, and take charge of design, development, construction, and routine operations of digital operation solutions for each domain with the help of support services provided by partners.

• Support platform (assistant): Facilitate online digital transformation of enterprises, further improve the operation efficiency, and reduce the costs.

Steer the development of digital operation support service to help industries plan for the future

The White Paper also provides an outlook for the development of digital operation support services. It indicates multiple actions can be taken. We can develop an alliance from within the operation support service industry. This alliance will encourage more service providers to come together to improve the value of enterprises' digital transformation. As well, we can build a digital operation standard system, and optimize it to help enterprises take the ideal path in digital transformation.

Mr. Yin Zhuo, director of Big Data Standards from China Electronics Standardization Institute, said: "Currently, industries aim to achieve automatic operations using digital operation technologies. In the future, more attention will be paid to intelligent operations. AI and intelligent sensing devices will be integrated into enterprise operations to process current and historical data in real time, implement intelligent analysis, and support decision-making. This White Paper can be included in the must-read list of digital operation service providers. It can help them gain insights into what measures need to be taken, and how to achieve win-win results when serving industry customers."

Huawei and China Electronics Standardization Institute executives jointly release a digital operations services white paper

Huawei and China Electronics Standardization Institute jointly released the Industry Digital Operation Support Service White Paper.

Left: Mr. Yin Zhuo, Director of Big Data Standards, China Electronics Standardization Institute

Middle: Mr. Ye Zhonghua, Director of Network Assurance & Managed Services Dept, Huawei Enterprise BG

Right: Mr. Guo Zhiqiang, Director of Digital Operation Support Service Product, Huawei Enterprise BG

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