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Huawei develops innovative Internet data center infrastructure, data center interconnection, and AI based computing resources, and Internet public cloud connections, helping OTT companies make full use of resources and achieve agile service development.


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Data Center

Huawei’s Cloud Data Center enables Internet service innovation, management of massive amounts of data, and use of AI to improve service operations.

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Cloud Services

Full-Stack Cloud Services provide a full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio for Internet enterprises and developers, fostering greater innovation. Learn more.

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Veri Merkezi Ağı

A solution designed for building DCNs with lossless Ethernet, full-lifecycle automation, and network-wide intelligent O&M, maximizing computing power with new Ethernet capabilities.

Atlas 900 AI Cluster

Ascend Bilgi İşlem

Huawei Atlas Yapay Zeka bilgi işlem çözümü, tam işlem hattı çıkarımını ve Yapay Zeka derin öğrenimi eğitimini kapsayan, cihaz uç bulutunda tüm senaryolarda Yapay Zeka altyapısına olanak tanır.

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OceanStor Pacific Storage for Media

A stable, smooth, and reliable solution crafted to meet the demands of media industry operations such as ingestion, editing, broadcasting, management, and storage.

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OceanStor Pacific Storage for Video

Huawei video storage is a powerful tool designed to provide access, storage, and forwarding functions for video and images across various industries, including government, transportation, and enterprise.