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Enjoy Flash Only+ for a limited time.

  • Available
  • Until December 31, 2021
  • For
  • OceanStor Dorado 3000 V6 and OceanStor 2600 V5
  • Promotion Code
  • P15210115

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  • OceanStor Dorado 3000 V6

    Entry-level all-flash storage for non-core service scenarios.

  • OceanStor 2600 V5

    Next-generation intelligent hybrid flash storage for application convergence.

**The promotion is only applicable for the specified drives. The specified drives are listed below:

  • SSD
  • 3.84TB/7.68TB
  • NVMe
  • 3.84TB/7.68TB
  • 10k SAS
  • 2.4TB/1.2TB
  • NL-SAS
  • 8TB/10TB/14TB

1 Promotion Territory Scope: All countries of CEE&Nordic EBG

2 Promotion Type: Frame discount without fixed configuration

3 Promotion Object: Distributors and VAPs of CEE&Nordic EBG

4 Purchase Order: Include Huawei Hi-Care or Co-Care maintenance service with hardware together