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Huawei ICT Solutions Make Governments More Effective

Huawei’s proven ICT solutions help governments provide safe, reliable, and essential public services:

• Secure clouds can serve multiple agencies, while Government-to-Business (G2B) clouds enable efficient interaction with businesses

• Government network solutions provide an interconnected platform for multiple agencies or coverage for a single campus, all with security, versatility, and unified management that minimizes operating costs

• Video conferencing and support for mobile devices help teams collaborate across any distance, from offices, or in the field

Huawei government solutions are open, agile, efficient, secure, and reliable.

  • Government Big Data

  • eGovernment Cloud

  • Rozwiązanie platformy sieciowej e-administracji

  • Government Service Center

Government Big Data Solution

Helps governments remove data silos and achieve data convergence and sharing.

eGovernment Cloud Solution

Data sharing, security, big data management, on an open, agile platform — all at reduced cost.

Rozwiązanie platformy sieciowej e-administracji

Skalowalna, bezpieczna infrastruktura IT wspierająca automatyzację biur i przetwarzanie w chmurze.

Government Service Center Solution

Cloud-based ICT infrastructure, to implement one-window service handling, reinventing eGovernment.