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Intelligent Video Inspection Solution of Power Grid Transmission Lines

Committed to building intelligent power systems, SANTACHI is professional in round-the-clock video and image surveillance of overhead transmission lines. With a powerful platform, SANTACHI integrates online surveillance and remote inspection of power transmission lines, risk analysis, and a geographic information system (GIS) to effectively manage possible security risks. Interconnecting the SANTACHI V7 platform with Huawei Atlas 200 AI accelerator module, this solution analyzes and detects video streaming on outdoor real-time transmission lines, and visualizes potential risks.

In intelligent power transmission applications, the Atlas 200 AI accelerator modules can be implanted into video surveillance terminals on towers. Atlas 200 enables traditional video surveillance devices to intelligently analyze images, detect onsite risks and faults in real time, and report alarms in a timely manner. Only a few alarm images rather than massive video data are transmitted to surveillance centers, greatly reducing the bandwidth and traffic for backhauling. This makes it possible to scale up deploying real-time video surveillance on power transmission lines. The difficulty of supplying power on towers motivates Atlas 200 to limit its operating power consumption to 3 W. The modules support low-power hibernation and rapid wakeup for higher system sustainability and reliability while cutting overall power consumption. The open architecture-based Atlas 200 supports mainstream frameworks in the industry and provides easy-to-use code migration and model conversion tools. All algorithms of customers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and third parties can run on the modules that support remote algorithm model and module firmware upgrade. With the optimization and development of algorithms, customers can deploy new algorithms on a large number of Atlas 200 modules for fast and low-cost function upgrade.

AI visual technology is spreading in industries. Visual recognition-based AI is especially popular. SANTACHI, as an enterprise with 20-year experience in video technology, embeds AI in video collecting devices by leveraging ultra-high definition image quality to implement edge computing and real-time processing. In the future, video images will become a vital source of IoT. Intelligent recognition based on video images will become universal.

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