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NHP Builds an All-Optical Industry Production Communication Network

As digital transformation progresses, highly reliable data connections need to be established between production modules and devices to securely transfer data, accelerate data collection and processing in production systems, as well as improve productivity and service efficiency.

To this end, production communication networks must provide high availability, bandwidth, and performance so that they can support production activities.

Huawei's industry production optical communication network solution leverages Huawei OptiXtrans series products and the cutting-edge native hard pipe (NHP) technology to build a reliable, simplified, and intelligent optical communication solution and ultimately facilitate the digital transformation of production networks.


SE-OTN Solution

SE-OTN Solution

The SE-OTN solution helps industry customers quickly build an all-optical network that features ultra-broadband, high reliability, and easy O&M, providing large transmission capacity for AI-enabled industry production.


NHP Optical Communication Solution

This solution applies to production networks in industries other than electric power, transportation, and oil and gas.It uses the NHP technology to carry key production services such as management and control, ensuring secure and stable production.

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Optical Communication Network Solution for Power Transmission and Transformation

Huawei's optical communication network solution for power transmission and transformation uses the NHP technology to enable E2E physical isolation, smooth evolution, and high flexibility and efficiency. It supports stable and reliable operation of power systems, driving construction of future electric power systems.


Railway Optical Communication Solution

In the high-speed railway production network scenario, this solution uses both GSM-R and 5G-R wireless communication technologies to ensure smooth evolution of train control networks.


Urban Rail Optical Communication Solution

To address the new network requirements and challenges in the urban rail cloud era, this solution uses one optical fiber with two planes: the MPLS-TP ring protection switching (MRPS) plane is used to protect traditional services; the OSU plane provides ultra-broadband and high-quality channels for new intelligent services.

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Intelligent Pipeline Optical Communication Solution

To align with the intelligent transformation trends and address the challenges faced by oil and gas pipeline management, this solution uses E2E NHP to meet the bandwidth and reliability requirements of unattended BVSs, HD pipeline CCTV, office services, as well as timely backhaul of oil and gas production data.


Intelligent Highway All-Optical Communication Solution

To align with the intelligent transformation trends and address the challenges faced by highway management, this solution uses E2E NHP to meet the bandwidth, security, and reliability requirements of toll collection, video, surveillance, office, and other highway services.


Huawei OptiXtrans E6600

Platforma MS-OTN OptiXtrans E6600 Huawei

Architektura MS-OTN i wysoka integracja 4-w-1 PCM/SDH/PKT/OTN wspierają płynną ewolucję w kierunku technologii transportu nowej generacji – płynnego OTN – zapewnienie wydajnego rozwiązania dla sektora energetycznego, transportowego, administracji, bankowego i innych branż.

OptiXtrans E9600

OptiXtrans E9600 Huawei

Inteligentna, zintegrowana optyczno-elektryczna platforma nowej generacji o dużej pojemności MS-OTN dla przedsiębiorstw ON2.0.

Huawei OptiXtrans E9624X

OptiXtrans E9624X Huawei

Inteligentna, całkowicie optyczna, konwergentna platforma transportowa zaprojektowana dla korporacyjnych sieci produkcyjnych, zapewniająca bezpieczną i niezawodną transmisję ogromnych danych produkcyjnych między sieciami szkieletowymi, agregacyjnymi i centrami danych w dużych miastach.

Stories of Success

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Stosując F5G w transporcie, Huawei przyczynia się do budowy inteligentnej drogi ekspresowej dla Zhejiang Expressway Operation Company

Dzisiejsze drogi ekspresowe stają się coraz bardziej inteligentne, a możliwości kanałów zostały ulepszone dzięki zastosowaniu infrastruktury cyfrowej.

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Lighting Up Energy: CEM Deploys Future-Oriented OSU OTN Electric Power Plane B Optical Communication Networks

As the only electric power supplier in Macao SAR, Companhia de Electricidade de Macao (hereinafter referred to as CEM) provides power supply services spanning power transmission, power distribution, and the sale of high-, medium-, and low-voltage power. The company is responsible for power supply and distribution across Macao.

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Thailand MEA: Building a Highly-Reliable Power Communications Network

MEA's mission statement is to "innovate and operate a smart energy system to empower city life for smart living", which leads directly to its committed vision of "Energy for city life, Energize smart living". With such prominent forward-looking statements, how will MEA achieve its mission and vision?

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China’s Southwest Air Traffic Control Bureau Digitalizes Air Traffic Control with Huawei’s All-Optical Transport Solution

As the new Tianfu Airport is more than 100 km away from Shuangliu, the Southwest Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau of the Civil Aviation Authority chose Huawei’s large-capacity OTN transmission solution OTN transmission solution to connect the four OTN networks and ensure the two airports operate effectively.

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