• Campus IoT Edge Solution

    Campus IoT Edge Solution

    Build an agile, IoT-based campus IT edge with
    converged resources and O&M.


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Respond to Service Needs in Real Time at the Edge

It's a simple equation: over 70% of the data on any campus comes from the edge. To respond to service needs in real time and handle services locally, more than half of that data needs to be analyzed, processed, and stored right there — at the edge.

And that's exactly where Huawei's Campus Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Solution helps, bringing intelligent management and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) to small- and medium-sized, branch, and coal mine campuses.

Gain the Edge


Shorten Delivery Times with IoT Convergence

• Pre-integration for over 500 types of campus terminals.
• Wired and wireless IoT access support.

Cut Costs

Cut Construction Costs with Converged Resources

• A full-stack modular design.
• Single-chassis deployment reduces IT costs.
• Dual-stack integration of Virtual Machines (VMs) and containers.

Intelligent O&M

Enjoy Simplicity and Efficiency with Converged O&M

• Close monitoring of application statuses and Information Technology (IT) resource use.
• Real-time alarms for applications and middleware.


Campus IoT Edge Solution Architecture