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Przyspieszenie cyfryzacji finansów — wspólnie tworząc nową wartość

Jason Cao 2021-08-06
W dzisiejszym niepewnym świecie nowe scenariusze i modele biznesowe wymagają nowych możliwości i szybszych aktualizacji w sektorze finansowym. Aby wesprzeć niezbędne ulepszenia w branży finansowej, Huawei koncentruje się na trzech strategicznych inicjatywach.

COVID-19 przyspiesza wdrożenie płatności mobilnych — jak powinny reagować banki?

Chen Kun Te 2020-07-16
Pandemia COVID-19 wstrząsa branżą płatności mobilnych jak nigdy dotąd. Ale jak banki powinny reagować i reagować? Dowiedz się teraz.

Transformacja architektury IT przyspiesza finanse cyfrowe

Vincent Chen 2019-05-10
Wraz z cyfrowym rozwojem banków i innych instytucji finansowych przekształceniu ulega również ich architektura IT.

Who is the World's True Fintech Capital, and Who is next?

Brett King 2020-02-20
A few days ago the classic debate over who is the world's capital of Fintech again hit the Twitterverse as it does periodically. Two of my friends got into it in a jovial manner, but it belies a continued debate that has been going on for the better part of a decade now. Even PM Boris Johnson got into the debate back in 2014-2015 saying London had become a true "world centre of Fintech". London has given birth to some very impressive Fintech's and the Mayor of London's unfailing support (both in the guise of Johnson and Sadiq Khan) has been instrumental in the city's strong Fintech culture. But how might we measure that innovation, that success in order to benchmark the world's #1 Fintech city?

Big Data Drives Financial Service Innovation

Yutian Wang 2019-05-08
The traditional financial services industry is facing severe challenges. The development of Internet finance and mobile Internet has greatly changed people’s habit of using financial services in the fields of payment, loan, investment, wealth management, customer engagement, and customer services. By incorporating Internet services, FinTech companies provide end users with extensive financial services, enabling disintermediation or turning traditional financial enterprises into channels.

Thrive Digitally in a Mobile Future

Jason Cao 2020-06-20
A brief introduction of Huawei FSI's progress and perspective of the future.

Finance Moves to the Cloud: Choosing the Best Partner for the Journey

Shao Ping 2021-08-20
Financial cloudification is a systematic project that cannot be accomplished overnight. Selecting the right partner facilitates the cloud transformation process. So, who will you choose?

AI + DATA: Empowering Intelligent Finance

Vincent Chen 2019-09-01
Financial institutions are accelerating digital transformation and adopting "mobile first" and "data-driven" strategies to improve customer experience, efficiency, and risk control, all while reducing costs.

Artificial Intelligence: the Foundation of Future Financial Services

Xianhui Li 2019-08-21
Data, algorithms, scenarios — all are continuously interacting, in turn integrating more closely and driving new developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Simulating human behaviors and outcomes, AI is now capable of rapid processing and self-learning.

Six Key Digital Transformation Trends in the Financial Industry

Chen Kun Te 2021-10-11
With such a clear development trend, we can find an easy path to achieve digital transformation. The financial industry needs to further accelerate digital transformation to adapt to the changing customer needs and emerging business models.