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Trzy główne powody budowania sieci konwergencji Wi-Fi i IoT

Zhangsu 2019-12-31
Tylko dzięki konwergencji urządzeń IoT i sieci Wi-Fi infrastruktura ICT może spełniać coraz większe wymagania w zakresie danych w różnych branżach.

An early taste of Wi-Fi 7

zhanglei 2022-09-22

The ubiquitous presence of Wi-Fi technology has not only allowed it to become one of our mainstream communication tools, but it is now seen as a basic social service that's recognized globally. According to the COVID-19 and the Economic Value of Wi-Fi paper proposed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, global Wi-Fi traffic increased by 80% during the epidemic. Throughout the day, and in particular for the working period from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., maximum Wi-Fi traffic increased by 94%, almost doubling what it was before the onslaught of the pandemic.
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