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Why campuses hold the key to accelerating a net zero future

Why campuses hold the key to accelerating a net zero future

A campus is a bitesize chunk of city. Therefore, addressing the campus as a building block is key to helping cities transition to a more sustainable future. Cities tend to be developed or redeveloped in phases, often consisting of one or more city blocks, especially when sub-developers are involved.

the arts of digital banking list

Sztuka bankowości cyfrowej — przemodelowanie FOCUS

Analyze the driving forces and challenges of bank transformation under the digital trend; Describe Huawei's insights into key areas of bank digitalization and the recommended methods for remodeling the digital capability model.

5g wifi iot convergence list

"5G + Wi-Fi + IoT" Convergence, Opening Up a New Blue Ocean for Enterprise Wireless

The "5G + Wi-Fi + IoT" converged campus network solution brings new value to more industries and extend from office campuses to production campuses. The full potential of this hyper-converged campus network solution will be seen especially in healthcare, large enterprise, manufacturing, port, warehousing, and other scenarios, where it will accelerate industry digital transformation and maximize enterprise digital productivity.

biggest gap list v1

Wypełnienie największej luki w genomice

Wysokowydajne rozwiązanie do analizy danych firmy Huawei pomogło skrócić czas analizy sekwencjonowania genomu w szpitalu z 24 godzin do zaledwie siedmiu minut.

Native Hard Pipe list

Native Hard Pipe: Building a Reliable All-Optical Foundation for Industrial Digital Transformation

Huawei expects the NHP-enabled optical network to become a reliable foundation for building a fully connected, intelligent, and green world.

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datacenter all ethernet automation list
Modern Datacenters Require All-Ethernet with Automation Across the Board

Bruno Teyton


Overview: Datacenter Network Situation,Datacenter Network Convergence: Toward All-Ethernet,Datacenter Network Automation is Mandatory

#Data Center Network
blog list
Raport dot. autonomicznej sieci centrum danych L3.5: Wytyczne dla autonomii sieci heterogenicznych

Luo Xing


L3 implementuje warunkową autonomię w ramach jednej sieci. Ważnym kamieniem milowym na drodze do ewolucji z L3 do L4 jest L3+, zwany także L3.5, gdzie L3 jest wdrażany w wielu chmurach, wielu centrach danych i sieciach wielu dostawców.

#Data Center Network
Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution Accelerates Eco-Friendly Transformation of Data Centers with High Computing Power

Deng Xinrui


According to the international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) the Global Carbon Project (GCP), global carbon emissions reached 34 billion tonnes in 2020. What does that really mean?

#Data Center Network
How Will Electricity-Intensive Data Centers Evolve?

Li Xinyuan


As the demand for data centers grows, conserving energy is becoming an increasingly pressing challenge.

#Data Center Network
blog list 1110
The Tolly Group Founder: Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution Stands Out with Unrivaled Performance

Kevin Tolly


Read The Tolly Group's report on Huawei's lossless Ethernet network — the foundation of the CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution.

#Data Center Network
blog list
Ethernet ewoluuje i jest podstawą i fundamentem hiperkonwergentnych sieci DCN

Li Yongdan


This document interprets main information in the IDC white paper, sponsored by Huawei, The Hyper-converged Datacenter Network: How Ethernet Addresses the Need for Low Latency, Losslessness, and Full Life-Cycle Network Automation.

#Data Center Network
blog list
Huawei's Latest Intelligent and Lossless Network Innovations Recognized by Leading Datacom Conference SIGCOMM

Li Yongdan


This document interprets ACC -Huawei's intelligent and lossless hyper-converged data center network innovatione. It elaborates Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution.

#Data Center Network
Uwolnienie mocy obliczeniowej dzięki technologii w pełni Ethernet w hiperkonwergentnym rozwiązaniu DCN CloudFabric 3.0 Huawei

Leon Wang


Dla zapewnienia wysokiej mocy obliczeniowej, zasoby w centrach danych muszą być skoordynowane i zbieżne. Mając to na uwadze, Huawei wprowadził na rynek hiperkonwergentne rozwiązanie DCN CloudFabric 3.0.

#Data Center Network