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Huawei eLTE Helps Protect a Scenic River


The Li River flows over 52 miles (83 kilometers) between Guilin and Yangshuo, China. It is a scenic area that now has 179 boats to accommodate millions of tourists each year.


As more tourists visit the Li River, an insufficient police force and a lack of real-time monitoring along the waterway have posed challenges to security and ecosystems. For example, unauthorized rafts and swimming in the river have caused about 30 drowning deaths every year and panhandling has seriously hindered management. In addition, fishermen unintentionally killed youngfish and negatively affected some species. The Guilin police needed a solution to strengthen monitoring and management in the scenic areas.


Among the available solutions, optical networks would be hard to deploy due to the rugged terrain surrounding the river. For example, the river travels through numerous caves. WiMAX falls short of the high-speed mobility required for patrol boats. So, police decided to use the Huawei eLTE solution to provide wireless broadband coverage for voice, video, and data services over a single network along the river. High-resolution cameras are used in key areas for real-time monitoring. Multimedia video trunking is employed to allow visualized dispatch, accurate decision-making, quick police response, and task-specific deployment. The network permits the command boat to communicate with the onshore control center and other patrol boats on the river, which helps Lijiang police to provide joint, quick responses. This network also connects with the existing 350 MHz voice communication system to maximize the use of resources.


After the eLTE broadband network was deployed in 2013, the accident rate dropped by 50 percent and emergency response efficiency rose by 30 percent. The Lijiang police also built a digital information system.

“Our system is so beneficial that we can conduct both onshore and offshore monitoring to reduce crime and enhance law enforcement. Now we employ less than 60 people to secure up to 83 kilometers of Li River waterways."

-- Huang Lan, Head of Lijiang Police of Guilin

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