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Transforming the Campus

Campuses are traditionally characterized by vertical, isolated information silos. This makes information sharing and service integration hard, in turn leading to poor services, weakened security, low efficiency, and high management costs — plus severe difficulties when it comes to service innovation.


However, the Huawei Intelligent Campus Solution — combining Huawei’s management transformation and digital transformation practices, with the capabilities of the Huawei Horizon Digital Platform’s and the experience of ecosystem partners — transforms single-point intelligence to all-scenario intelligence, enabling agile service innovation, improving operations efficiency, and simplifying user experience.

Platform + Ecosystem: Intelligence in Diverse Scenarios

Huawei combines its expansive product portfolio and HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure with the capabilities of ecosystem partners to resolve customer pain points, building a digital foundation for intelligent campuses that achieves standardized southbound connections and service-oriented northbound applications.

• Built on the Huawei Horizon Digital Platform, the solution combines advanced ICT capabilities including AI, big data, video cloud, IoT, and GIS.

• Based on the successful practices of benchmark projects, the solution accumulates campus business, data, and integrated assets, supporting various campus application scenarios. Scenarios include IOCs, integrated security management, intelligent access control, asset management, facility management, energy efficiency management, management of physical space, and office functions.

• The solution also provides secondary development and integrated delivery capabilities — enabling applications, integration, data, and development — to support the deployment of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud, as well as the customization of applications beyond simple scenarios.

• Based on Huawei-developed chips, operating systems, and database components, the solution constructs comprehensive, secure and reliable systems.


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