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  • National Optical Backbone Network

    National Optical Backbone Network

    Building Ultra-Broadband and Reliable National Infrastructure Networks

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National Backbone Network Narrows Digital Divide and Promotes People's Livelihood

To date, more than 170 countries and regions have released their digital economy strategies. Indeed, the digital economy has become a key component of a nation's GDP, while ICT infrastructure is key to promoting economic development and improving people's livelihood.

Huawei has world-leading technologies in the optical field and extensive experience in constructing carrier backbone networks. Its national all-optical backbone network supports single-fiber 96 Tbit/s (highest in the industry), 6000 km ultra-long-haul transmission without regeneration, and a single-span of 400 km. It also provides the industry's first commercial OXC platform to enable all-optical OXC grooming, flexible wavelength grooming, and one-hop connection. ASON provides protection against multiple fiber cuts to recover services within seconds. Huawei's exclusive Hybrid ASON uses optical-electrical synergy to deliver the highest reliability.

The national all-optical backbone network solution leverages the high bandwidth, long distance, and high reliability empowered by Huawei's advanced optical technologies. In this way, it supports the construction of national backbone networks, interconnecting national, state, and city networks, bridging the digital divide, and promoting national economy and people's livelihood.



National Optical Backbone Network Solution

National Optical Backbone Network Solution

This solution helps build a national fiber infrastructure network with high bandwidth, wide coverage, and high reliability. This helps achieve remote coverage and ubiquitous connections, bridge the digital divide, and provide basic network connections for various industries.
This solution is applicable to national, state, and city backbone network interconnection.

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