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    NetEngine AR6700V Cloud-Native Gateway

    Builds a secure and reliable multi-tenant operations solution by adopting cloud native technologies.


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NetEngine AR6700V Cloud-Native Gateway

NetEngine AR6700V integrates diverse functions such as routing, switching, VPN, and QoS, and enables software and hardware decoupling, easy service deployment, and intelligent O&M. It can be deployed in the enterprise headquarters (hub site), Point Of Presence (POP), and cloud environments to extend the enterprise network to the cloud and implement consistent management policies on and off the cloud. In addition, NetEngine AR6700V can connect to conventional WANs through VXLAN links and support multi-link traffic steering and application-based intelligent traffic steering to optimize enterprises' cloud access paths and improve experience of enterprise users in accessing cloud services. NetEngine AR6700V plays a pivotal role in the transformation from conventional enterprise WANs to SD-WAN networks.
Open Architecture

Leading Architecture and Superior Performance

• Huawei's leading and mature VRP platform
• Separation of the control and forwarding planes
• Multi-VM distributed processing and elastic scalability, eliminating service forwarding bottlenecks

easy to deploy

Comprehensive Compatibility and Easy Service Deployment

• Compatible with mainstream virtualization platforms such as KVM and VMware
• Deployment on mainstream public clouds to extend enterprise networks to the cloud
• Software gateway that can be quickly and flexibly deployed in POPs, hub sites, and cloud environments

Cloud-Based Management

VXLAN access from POPs

• Layer 2 VXLAN access of branches, with gateways deployed at POPs
• Functioning as an IWG to connect to an MPLS network
• Visualized O&M through iMaster NCE

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Model NetEngine AR6700V
VMs 7 to 100
vCPUs 4 to 16 vCPUs per VM (depending on service scenarios; recommended CPU frequency: 2.20 GHz)
Memory 8 GB to 16 GB per VM (depending on service scenarios)
Storage 10 GB per VM
vNIC Interfaces 2 to 16 per VM (depending on service scenarios)
Hypervisor OpenStack Pike 3.12.0
VMware 5.5/6.0
Virtual NIC Type Virtio (I/O paravirtualization)
SR-IOV (short for single-root I/O virtualization, supported only by OpenStack)