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IAP/IxP Solutions Help ISPs Build Ultra-broadband Network

Huawei's innovative all-optical access solution features an ultra-broadband, intelligent architecture and easy deployment to provide networks for home broadband and enterprise services. The SingleFAN Pro solution enables ISPs to quickly plan and expand FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks. The Fiber To The Room (FTTR) solution can improve Wi-Fi coverage and experience and the Fiber To The Office (FTTO) solution provides a green network for enterprise offices.

Huawei provides an industry-leading converged bearer network solution for ISPs, which enables them to construct bearer networks - featuring low latency, high reliability, ultra-high bandwidth, and intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M) - to support ultimate experienced home broadband services and SLA-based enterprise private line services.


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SingleFAN Pro Solution

The era of Home+ has arrived. People now expect to be able to learn and work from home, transforming home broadband from an entertainment center to a diversified service center.

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FTTR for Home Solution

Huawei's FTTR solution extends fibers to rooms and provides various gigabit Wi-Fi 6 master/slave FTTR units, all-optical components, and optical cable routing tools, allowing users to enjoy stable gigabit Wi-Fi experience in every corner of the home.

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FTTO Solution

Through F5G optical technologies, the Huawei FTTO solution revolutionizes campus network transmission media, architecture, and O&M, helping industry customers build smart campus networks with ultra-high bandwidth and energy efficiency.

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Converged Bearer Network

ISPs need to provide ultra-broadband and intelligent services to meet the requirements of home users. Enterprises need far more flexible private line connections and much higher bandwidth to promote their digital transformation and cloudification.