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    Huawei Boosts the Role of Impact Business Solutions in the Digital Transformation of East Malaysia’s Energy Sector

With a proven track record and tried-and-tested technologies for ensuring security and reliability, Huawei is fast becoming the preferred partner for digital transformation, as energy companies worldwide, are introducing digital technology into every aspect of their businesses, to achieve sustainable development.

A Key Enabler of IT and Business Efficiency

Established in 2005, Impact Business Solutions (IBS) Sdn Bhd is a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) specializing in data networking, system security, storage, and backup strategy. With offices in East and West Malaysia, IBS helps customers deploy new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure or upgrade existing systems. IBS analyses current challenges and assesses technical feasibilities before advising and offering functional solutions with the highest adaptive capacity, ensuring customer's receive the most suitable solutions.

With a full understanding of their customers’ challenges, IBS explores how to best support existing ecosystems, to help businesses grow and remain competitive and profitable. In short, IBS provides consultative and customized services, bringing real value to customers.

Partnership Journey

IBS and Huawei started their partnership in 2018, following the visit of IBS executives to Huawei’s Customer Solution Integration and Innovation Experience Centre (CSIC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A strategic alliance paved the way for collaboration on a digital transformation project for an IBS customer working in the energy sector, located in East Malaysia.

IBS developed their cooperation with Huawei centering on three core aspects.

• Educate: Raising the awareness of niche Information Technology (IT) solutions is a big part of IBS’s role. With vast capabilities and resources, Huawei has set up technical training and workshops for IBS teams to strengthen their understanding of customized IT solutions.

• Consult: By conveying comprehensive information at every step of each process, IBS ensures that customers are prepared for the future. With Huawei's support, IBS has been able to continually assess current capabilities and anticipate opportunities, in line with evolving needs and requirements in this fast-moving era.

• Support: When gaps and needs are identified, a dedicated team of IT experts is mobilized to enhance customer engagement and provide the best digital solutions, relevant tools, and insights. The objective is to increase agility to meet sudden market changes and ever evolving demands.

Empowering Customers to Realize Their Core Values

The partnership between IBS and Huawei has been highly fruitful, as both parties continue to deliver greater value to their joint customers in the energy sector. Strong IT solutions have been developed, opening up more avenues for IBS's digital transformation roadmap.

Indeed, as IBS's name suggests, Impact Business Solutions delivers real results for its customers. The team-up of IBS and Huawei for the East Malaysian energy project has undeniably produced positive effects for stakeholders, who can rely on dedicated support and uninterrupted services 24/7. Indeed, Impact is not simply a company name — it reflects core values and a mission, too.

I — Innovation, through Huawei, has opened up new business and technology opportunities for IBS. Together, the two partners are now able to modernize customer IT infrastructure, by taking a holistic approach to digital transformation. Innovation has been key to determining and ensuring the feasibility of the pioneering changes.

M — Making a Difference is at the core of both Huawei’s and IBS’s business values. Strategic benchmarks are set to improve multiple aspects of the business, including customer satisfaction. The aim is to create mutually beneficial outcomes, by offering innovative value-added tools and services that will make a difference.

P — Profitability has improved for IBS. Huawei has helped grow IBS's business and expand its product portfolio, ensuring a significant Return On Investment (ROI) and increasing the bottom line.

A — Accountability is ensured by developing an in-depth relationship with business partners for each project. Through the assignment of a dedicated team by IBS and Huawei, goals are achieved in an environment that breeds trust and enhances productivity.

C — Collaboration and teamwork between IBS and Huawei have led to remarkable business growth in 2019 and 2020. As a preferred partner for the digital transformation of industries, Huawei encourages an agile relationship that is mutually beneficial and open to exploring the best practices, in order to achieve business success.

T — Trust is the key principle behind the successful working relationship between the two companies. This trust-based alliance is focused, goal-oriented, and profitable, resulting in a long-lasting and multi-dimensional partnership.

Banking on Each Other’s Strengths

The mutually beneficial partnership with Huawei has enabled IBS to expand its expertise, from traditional ICT infrastructure to new areas such as data storage and network enhancement with Wi-Fi 6 technologies.

With more organizations and enterprises undergoing digital transformation, IBS is looking forward to continuing to work closely with Huawei, to help customers embark on digital transformation journeys, create new business opportunities, and accelerate future growth for all.