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  • MQDC Builds World’s First Town Designed for Healthier and Happier Living “The Forestias” with Huawei Intelligent Campus Solution

    MQDC Builds World’s First Town Designed for Healthier and Happier Living “The Forestias” with Huawei Intelligent Campus Solution

“The Forestias” by MQDC: a perfect blend of architecture, nature, and cutting-edge technology

“The Forestias” is currently Thailand’s largest private sector property development project, designed for healthier and happier living. The Enchanted Community District in the Forest is being developed by MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited), under its parent group DTGO.

The Forestias is a 64 hectares community with multiple residential, parkland, community and commercial components. Located in the blooming Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) on Bangna-Trad road kilometer 7.

Under its “For All Well-Being” principle, MQDC aimed to create a mega living complex that promotes eco-friendly lifestyles and boosts quality of life through integrated and interconnected facilities.

Smart City vision for a seamless, eco-friendly lifestyle

As a leading innovative property developer, MQDC aimed to connect people of different generations through its community-focused digital platform. As part of its Smart City strategy, the company is committed to ensure that “The Forestias” project embodies its innovative approach to sustainable development.

With multiple residential areas, open spaces, plus several community and commercial centers, “The Forestias” is one of MQDC's most diverse projects. This required a strong ICT infrastructure that supports a wide range of digital services in all areas. The solution must also offer an effective environment and space management system to create safe and convenient living for residents and visitors alike.

Huawei Intelligent Campus Platform on Huawei Cloud empowers truly intelligent living

MQDC chose to work with Huawei and Digital City Solution (Huawei partner) to introduce a new Intelligent Operation Center by deploying Huawei Intelligent Campus Solution at “The Forestias.”

The solution is built on Huawei’s long-standing expertise in digital transformation, combining several industry-leading systems to support smart area control for all types of facility across campuses. Supported by Huawei Intelligent Campus Platform and hosted on Huawei Cloud, the integrated solution comes with AI and Big Data-driven features such as perimeter management and IoT based space management. The unified remote operations can significantly reduce human workload. More importantly, the solution provides accurate, real-time safety monitoring and a smart automatic alarm system, ensuring a safer and smarter community for all.

Smart operations simplify living

Huawei Intelligent Campus Platform will help MQDC ensure stable and secure area and environment management. The platform supports multi-campus monitoring and proactive detection of potential faults to prevent interrupted services. The all-in-one Intelligent Operation Center minimizes human efforts, remarkably reducing OPEX. MQDC enjoys centralized control for all areas, enabling fast and well-informed decision-making possible. Moreover, the intelligent campus platform supports easy multi-campus access for future expansion. The smart operations give the company safety, convenience and peace of mind.